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F1 Driver's Eye View with Pierre Gasly | 2018 Monaco Grand Prix


Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly donned a very special helmet at the Monaco Grand Prix. Jump onboard for Pierre vision, and experience the same sights and sounds as an F1 driver on a lap of Monaco... Toro Rosso's chanel: 🤍 For more F1® videos, visit 🤍 Like F1® on Facebook: 🤍 Follow F1® on Twitter: 🤍 Follow F1® on Instagram: 🤍

Chemins de fer du Jura - Driver’s Eye View - Saignelégier to La Chaux de Fonds - 4K


The Chemins de fer du Jura is a group of railways in the canton of Jura in North-Western Switzerland. In this video we start from Saignelégier with 0-4-4-0T Mallet Steam Locomotive No.E164 built by Henchel & Son at Kassel, Germany in 1905 for the Portuguese Railways (CP). Our beautifully restored locomotive is matched with a short rake of period carriages for the trip from Saignelégier to La Chaux-de-Fonds, the line originally opened to traffic on 7th December 1892 and it was the region's longest line at line 25 km (15.5 miles) with the final kilometre being laid along the streets of La Chaux-de-Fonds to reach the town’s main railway station. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the railway’s staff and volunteers for their help in shooting this video and making our visit a rewarding and memorable experience. Please sit back and join me for a trip along the line as seen from a camera attached to the locomotive hand rail. This visit was part of the Railway Touring Company’s 2022 “Alpine Steam Express” Tour. To find out more about future European tours, please click on this link - 🤍 Locomotive No.E164 is owned by “La Traction” a Swiss volunteer railway preservation group based at Pré-Petitjean. To learn more please click on this link – 🤍 Railway Map - Chemins de fer du Jura - 🤍 For timetables, tickets and information about special events and trains, please click on this link - 🤍 To learn more about this line and the rest of the Chemins de fer du Jura network, please click on this link - 🤍 The railway is metre gauge, electrified with overhead catenary rated at 1500 Volts DC.

Driver's Eye View - Rigi Mountain Railway - Cogwheel Train - Rigi Kulm to Arth-Goldau - 4K


Once again I owe a massive debt of thanks to the railway's staff for their kind assistance in making this video. There are two cog railway routes to Rigi Kulm, one starting from Vitznau where the railway connects with regular boats on Lake Luzern, the other connects with the Gotthard Railway at Arth-Goldau. Please click on this link to see a map of the Rigi cog railways and cable cars - 🤍 Construction of the first section between Arth-am-See station situated on Lake Zug, to Oberarth commenced in 1873, with construction work on the second section to Rigi Kulm beginning in 1874, the Arth–Rigi Railway commenced operation over the full length of the line on 4 June 1875. The route from its original Arth Lake Zug station to the junction at Rigi Staffelhöhe was 6.8 km long, making the total length of the Arth to Rigi Kulm railway 8.6 km. The maximum gradient is 1 in 5 (20%). In January 1959 a bus service replaced trains on the short section between the connection with the Gotthard Railway and the Lake Zug station. Please sit back and enjoy this highly scenic journey down the mountain to the modern day terminus at Arth. Music - Track - Composer - Source 00:00 & 44:06 - ES_Les Vacances - Trabant 33 - Track gauge - standard gauge 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm). Cogwheel system - Ing.N.Riggenbach. For more information, please click on this link - 🤍 To learn more or maybe to book your own adventure, please click on this link - 🤍 # Switzerland # Rigi Kulm

Bern Trams - Driver's Eye View - Part 1


We continue our "Railway Touring Company" tour of Switzerland. Join me and hop on board a vintage tram and take a tour of Bern’s interesting and varied tram system. A steam and vintage electric tram were used for this special RTC charter covering almost the complete system including rarely used track. Please don’t shoot me for replacing the original sound with music in places, this was done to avoid broadcasting personal conversations to the world. Below is a link to a map of the system, we start near Bern's main Station and for much of the time follow routes 3 & 9 .... 🤍 I have been sent 2 links to a more comprehensive maps of the system for those wishing to follow the route - 🤍 & 🤍

Drivers eye view : Merton to Dunedin


Thanks to the Kiwirail driver for allowing the Go Pro on his train.

Driver's Eye View - Rigi Mountain Railway (Switzerland) - Cogwheel Train - Vitznau to Rigi Kulm


This visit to the Rigi Mountain Railway was part of the Railway Touring Company 2022 “Alpine Steam Express” tour. We arrived at Vitznau aboard the magnificent paddle steamer “Stadt Luzern”. The Rigi Mountain Railway was Europe’s first mountain railway with it’s first public train making the ascent from Vitznau to Rigi Staffelhöhe on May 21, 1871. Today the railway is operated using a mixture of old and modern electric stock, with occasional steam specials. Our group was booked to travel with No.7, a vertical boiler steam locomotive, unfortunately record high temperatures and dry weather led to the imposition of a steam ban, undeterred some of the group opted to enjoy the magnificent views from one of the modern electric trains. The railway staff kindly allowed me to mount several cameras at the front and back of the train, this video shows the paddle steamer, the locomotive shed and a Driver’s view of the accent. Please join me aboard a Vitznau to Rigi Kulm train to enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery. The original line opened in 1870, from Vitznau to Rigi Staffelhöhe, it was 5 km (3.1 mi) long and climbed a total of 1,115 m (3,658 ft) to reach a height of 1,550 m (5,085 ft), the maximum gradient being 1 in 4 (25%). In 1873 the line was extended to the summit at Rigi Kulm 1,752 m (5,748 ft) above sea level. Track gauge - standard gauge 4 ft 8+1⁄2 in (1,435 mm). Cogwheel system - Ing.N.Riggenbach. For more information, please click on this link - 🤍 Music – Track – Version - Source 00:00 & 28:58 – Waltz of Spring (Waltz of the Fairy) – Scorefitter, Pinnacle Studio 01:45 ES_Chasing Through The Snow - Håkan Eriksson –

Metropolitan and District 1989 Driver's eye view

09.10.2018 is the home of the original Driver's eye views. Established 1984. In 1989, the Hammersmith and City line was still known as part of the Metropolitan line. This is a Driver's eye view from Hammersmith to Whitechapel (where the H&C trains used to terminate) on board an unpainted aluminium C stock train and a District D stock service from there to Ealing Broadway. A lot has changed; witnessed by our recent re-shoot on board S stock trains.

Driver's Eye View - Meiringen to Innertkirchen (Switzerland)


Meiringen was the destination of the train I had caught from Interlaken. I had a short wait before catching my next train, giving me time for a coffee, as I walked down the platform a single carriage train arrived. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked towards this little train to find out where it had come from. The driver was very amiable, suggesting I take a ride to the end of the line and he would have me back in time to catch my train. So I purchased a ticket from the on-board ticket machine and sat in the passenger seat next to the driver. Where else in the world can passengers ride with driver? Sit back and enjoy the view with me as we set off down this scenic local branch line. Track gauge - Metre (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in)

Driver’s Eye View – Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg (Switzerland)


We join the Wengernalp Railway’s modern electric multiple unit train at Lauterbrunnen for the breathtakingly beautiful trip to Kleine Scheidegg, first climbing past pretty villages and wooded slopes before bursting out from the shade of the trees into bright sunlight as our climb continues, with amazing vistas of the snow covered mountains on one side and deep valleys on the other. Grab a coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the ride. Track gauge - 800 mm (2 ft 7 1⁄2 in)

Driver's Eye View - Kent & East Sussex Railway - Tenterden to Bodiam - 4K


The railway you see today at 10½ miles in length is a fine example of one of England’s light railways and originally part of a larger system which operated between Headcorn and Robertsbridge. The K&ESR was the very first ‘light railway’ to be constructed. A light railway is equipped to cater for full size trains, to keep construction costs low they tend to follow the contour of the land, thus minimising the need for extensive earthworks, tunnels, bridges and viaducts; as a result gradients can be steep, level crossings frequent and operating speeds are low, often less than 25mph. Passenger trains ran on the original line from 1900 until 1954. In 1974 the first trains ran in preservation on a short section of line heralding the first stage in an ambitious plan to reopen the line to Bodiam, home of the world famous Bodiam Castle. This line was one of many operated by Colonel Stephens, who kept these lines running through a series of cost saving measures, often using second hand locomotives, ancient rolling stock and novel railcars. As a result, railway lines, locomotives and rolling stock that might otherwise have been consigned to history are still with us today. Please sit back and enjoy a forward view from the train as we make our way through the pretty Kent and East Sussex countryside with 0-6-0 Saddle tank Locomotive No.WD 75008 “Swiftsure”. To book a trip on this delightful railway and to learn more about the line, please click on this link - 🤍 Some background sounds were provided courtesy of SFX sound effects library.

DRIVER'S EYE - Yuki Tsunoda's Helmet Cam in Imola


Your favourite camera angle is back! Jump on board with our new recruit Yuki Tsunoda for a couple of laps in a Driver's Eye point of view around the legendary Imola circuit! Follow us on your favourite social media pipes! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #F1 #AlphaTauri #YukiTsunoda #PoV

Chemins de fer du Jura - Driver’s Eye View - La Chaux de Fonds to Saignelégier with engine No.E164


This is the last in a series of videos showcasing the “Chemins de fer du Jura” a group of railways in the canton of Jura in North-Western Switzerland. The locomotive crew once again kindly allowed me to attach a camera to their locomotive for our return trip to Saignelégier with 0-4-4-0T Mallet Steam Locomotive No.E164 built by Henchel & Son at Kassel, Germany in 1905 for the Portuguese Railways (CP). Our beautifully restored locomotive and matching rake of period carriages belong to “La Traction” a volunteer group based at Pré-Petitjean, where they also restore and maintain an interesting collection of locomotives and rolling stock. This visit was part of the Railway Touring Company’s 2022 “Alpine Steam Express” Tour. To find out more about future European tours, please click on this link - 🤍 Locomotive No.E164 is owned by “La Traction” a Swiss volunteer railway preservation group based at Pré-Petitjean. To learn more please click on this link – 🤍 Railway Map - Chemins de fer du Jura - 🤍 For timetables, tickets and information about special events and trains, please click on this link - 🤍 To learn more about this line and the rest of the Chemins de fer du Jura network, please click on this link - 🤍 The railway is metre gauge, electrified with overhead catenary rated at 1500 Volts DC.

Driver’s Eye View - Košice Tram – (Slovakia) Route 2 - Senný trh to Havlíčkova


Join me for ride with Tram No.617, a ČKD Tatra T6 unidirectional high-floor street car manufactured in 1992 by Tatra of the Czech Republic. Košice transit company was founded in 1891 by Stefan Popper, the first track being a horsedrawn tramway. By 1914, all tracks were electrified and the company was renamed "Kassai villamos közúti vasút" (Slovak '"Košicke elektrické pouličné drahy" and English "Košice electric roads") To learn more please click on this link - 🤍 Map 00:49 - Kosice tram and trolley map.svg (by Adehertogh) Wikimedia Commons - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) – Original video taken on 2nd July 2018. Tour organised by RTC.

Driver's-Eye View of the New-Look Albert Park! | 2022 Australian Grand Prix


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HELMET CAM! Enjoy A Driver's Eye View Of Circuit Of The Americas


This is amazing viewing! Enjoy a flying lap through Esteban Ocon's helmet cam. What a stunning circuit! For more F1® videos, visit 🤍 Follow F1®: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #F1 #USGP

Driver's View... ODONTOTOS rack railway Diakofto - Kalavrita - Οδοντωτός [1]


World's narrowest public cogwheel railway 750mm (2 ft 5 1⁄2 in) gauge built 1890 - 1895 with total length of line 22,3 km and max. slope over 17,5 % [ ΟΔΟΝΤΩΤΟΣ ] in Greece. Special note: In fact the slopes are steeper than shown in the video. That is due to the fact that camera was set still in line with the cab horizontal axis and parallel to the track, therefore reducing the true magnitude of the gradient. The line 'climbs' from Diakopto village at sea level to Kalavrita at 720 m altitude through the impressive Gorge of Vouraikos river. Mega Spilaion (Great Cave) monastery situated halfway the line, built 362 AD, is the oldest monastery in Greece. The first 4 steam engines were built by CAIL in Paris 1891 - 1899. Since 2007 the line is operated with new diesel-electric trainsets, OSE Class 3107 BDmh 2Z+4A/12, supplied by Stadler of Switzerland. There are many bridges over the Vouraikos River, numerous tunnels, viaducts, waterfalls, caves and passing loops at Niamata, Triklia, Zachlorou and Kerpini. Anyone considering this trip should know that the scenery is spectacular and the trains run in perfect condition. Highlights: Time ........ Km + m ........ Location [ 01:02 ] ........ 0 + 000 ........ Diakofto Railway Station [ 04:53 ] ........ 1 + 600 ........ Vouraikos Gorge Entrance [ 11:54 ] ........ 5 + 088 ........ Niamata R.S. [ 13:25 ] ........ 5 + 650 ........ 1st cogged rail [ 14:41 ] ........ 6 + 000 ........ " Dikastiria " [ 20:45 ] ........ 7 + 700 ........ " Platana " max. slope 17,5% [ 23:07 ] ........ 8 + 100 ........ end of 1st gogged rail [ 26:42 ] ........ 9 + 394 ........ Triklia new stop [ 27:00 ] ........ 9 + 480 ........ 2nd cogged rail [ 30:05 ] ........ 10 + 110 ........ end of 2nd cogged rail [ 31:12 ] ........ 10 + 646 ........ " Portes " canyon [ 33:52 ] ........ 10 + 930 ........ 3rd cogged rail [ 35:45 ] ........ 11 + 335 ........ end of 3rd cogged rail [ 38:44 ] ........ 12 + 600 ........ Mega Spilaio / Zachlorou R.S. [ 52:47 ] ........ 18 + 200 ........ Kerpini R.S. [1:00:44] ........ 22 + 346 ........ Kalavrita Railway Station Video by Vlasios Giannakainas. My pleasure to subscribe to my channel. You are welcome to share any of my videos in social media. Thanks for watching...! Facebook Page: 🤍

Incredible Visor Cam Footage with Yuki Tsunoda at Imola


Ride onboard with young gun Yuki Tsunoda as he powers around Imola in his AlphaTauri and witness the unique perspective of a driver's view! For more F1® videos, visit 🤍 Follow F1®: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #F1

F1 DRIVER'S EYE VIEW: A Unique View of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


Putting you in the driving seat! We gave Romain Grosjean glasses cam as he went on an installation lap at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix... For more F1® videos, visit 🤍 Like F1® on Facebook: 🤍 Follow F1® on Twitter: 🤍 Follow F1® on Instagram: 🤍

Freight Driver's Eye View: Daventry to Ditton


Join me on board 66156 on this two and a half hour journey from Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) to Ditton Foundry Lane via the likes of Rugby, Stafford, Crewe Basford Hall and the iconic Runcorn Bridge. This train was 6M13, formed of only 5 wagons, so was very light and quickly reached its maximum speed of 60mph. Filmed on 04/05/2022. Unfortunately due to technical issues I was unable to include the live speedometer in this video, but I hope you enjoy the excellent quality of the new GoPro 10 Black - far superior to my old 4 silver!

Chiltern Mainline Driver's Eye View - Birmingham Moor Street to London Marylebone


Hello, and welcome back to the fifth instalment in our Driver's Eye view series.. Join us on this journey from Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone, Along the way, we call at Solihull, Dorridge, Warwick Parkway, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Banbury, Bicester North, Haddenham and Thame, Princes Risborough, High Wycombe and Marylebone. Notable points are pointed out by captions, and signals and speed limits will appear at every signal and every change in speed limit, we've tried to make these less intrusive, compared to our some of our previous cab rides. Subscribe: 🤍 Want to watch some other of our driver's eye views series'? 🤍 All rights are reserved under The Chiltern Trainspotters 2022. You may not use, edit or reproduce this video in any way, shape or form without written permission from The Chiltern Trainspotters. © The Chiltern Trainspotters 2022

DRIVER'S EYE Under Lights - With Pit Stop!


Enjoy a lap around the Bahrain International Circuit in 4K and see what it's like for a driver to stop on the marks for a live pit stop! Follow us on your favourite social media pipes! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #F1 #AlphaTauri #DriversEye

West Coast Main Line Driver's Eye View: Manchester Airport to Preston


* I have no idea what happened to the caption at the beginning, the first station is Manchester Airport, not Piccadilly. I'm not reuploading the video just for this so just pretend it's correct * Although the speeds in this video have been checked for accuracy, they are for guidance only and drivers should always use official documentation to ensure they are aware of all line speeds. This is Part 1 of this three part video which takes us from Manchester Aiport to Preston, through the heart of Manchester and the delightful Lancashire countryside. Part 2 will see us through to Carlisle, with a beautiful scenic run through the Lake District and will be coming soon. Subscribe and hit the notification icon to be alerted when new videos are uploaded. Filmed on board a Class 350/4 EMU Line Speeds in MPH.

London Bridge to Brighton driver's eye view


Driver's eye view from an Electrostar EMU Camera mounted externally.

Spirit of the Outback - Driver's Eye View - Alpha to Emerald Part 1


Once again I’ll have to come clean and admit this is a fake Driver’s Eye View created by reversing the footage taken from the back of the train, probably the best position for the camera as it was raining for much of the journey. For the first half hour of this video the scenery is typical of the Queensland outback, reasonably flat, with Eucalyptus and Gum trees dotted all over the reddish rock and sand landscape as far as the eye can see. The railway and Capricorn Highway follow a similar path all the way from Longreach to Rockhampton often running within sight of each other. In the second half of this video the railway starts to climb into the Drummond Ranges following the contours of the land to gain height without the need for major engineering structures. This is the most scenic and interesting section of the route. Filmed 31.01.2019 – Train operated by QueenslandRail – Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in). Map at 00:25 - Author - Geoscience Australia, Government of AustraliaSource - 🤍

Driver's Eye View - Starý Smokovec to Štrbské Pleso with "Comet"


Join the driver in the cab of the beautifully restored Tatra electric railway “Comet” and its vintage train for a trip along the highly scenic railway line between Starý Smokovec to Štrbské Pleso (Slovakia) Track gauge - 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in) - Original video taken on 6th July 2018. Tour organised by RTC. Music - Track - Composer - Source ES_Family Show Positive 4 - Magnus Ringblom - Map at 00:32 by Peter Pogány - licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Driver’s Eye View of Austria’s legendary “Semmering Railway” – Payerbach to to Mürzzuschlag


Enjoy the view normally reserved for the driver as we travel over the first mountain railway in Europe to employ standard gauge track. The railway was constructed between 1848 and 1854 by some 20,000 workers featuring 14 tunnels (among them the 1,431 m summit tunnel), 16 viaducts (several two-storey), along with numerous attractive stone bridges. Our train has to tackle 2.5% gradients and negotiate curves as tight as 190m radius, a real challenge for any train. The railway is so remarkable that it has been added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Please sit back and join me for a ride over this highly scenic Alpine railway. The tour was organised by the Railway Touring Company - Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) - Filmed September 2019 Music - Track - Composer - Source ES_Will - Alice Spence -

A “Driver’s Eye View” with the world’s longest serving steam locomotive - Graz to Köflach (Austria)


Take a ride with the world's longest serving steam locomotive between the major Austrian city of Graz to the peaceful tranquility of Köflach, passing attractive villages and pleasant countryside along the way. This little engine and its train of heritage carriages are a real credit those responsible for looking after them. The crew kindly allowed me to place a camera on the front of their locomotive giving us all a chance to enjoy the view usually reserved for the footplate crew. Austrian built engine No.671 was completed in 1860 as a Südbahn Class 23 locomotive, it was sold by BBÖ to the Graz-Köflach railway (GKB) in the 1920’s were it is frequently used to haul steam specials. Tour organised by the Railway Touring Company. Filmed on 22.09.19. Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)

Driver's Eye View (Austria) - Mixnitz to Sankt Erhard - Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway


The local train, Mixnitz-Sankt Erhard AG or Breitenauerbahn is located in Austria’s South Eastern state of Styria. Today the 10.38 km long 760 mm gauge line serves the Magnesite Deposits in Breitenau am Hochlantsch. The route starts from the storage warehouses and transhipment sidings adjacent to the ÖBB station of Mixnitz - Bärenschützklamm from where the line follows the course of the Breitenauer Bach a tributary of the Mur (River). The line is never far from the pretty river as it makes its way through the steep sided, wooded valley to the loading facility near Breitenau. Crocodile style (steeple cab) 800 Volt DC Bo’Bo overhead electric locomotives handle trains on the main line these days with a tiny two-axle electric locomotive assisting with shunting operations a Mixnitz. The first passenger train on the original 10.7 km long railway ran in 1913 between Mixnitz and Sankt Erhard, although the primary purpose of the line was for the transportation of materials from the Magnesite Plant near Breitenau to the ÖBB transhipment sidings at Mixnitz. Passenger traffic declined over the years with the last train running on 31st July 1966. In 1970, the route was shortened to 10.38 km as the passenger stations at either end were no longer required. In recent years the “Friends of the Breitenauerbahn Association” have organised Nostalgia Passenger trains to run on selected weekends between May and September. Please join me for a Driver’s Eye View of the line from Mixnitz to the Breitenau Magnesite Plant For more information, please click on this link - 🤍 This video was filmed on 23rd September 2019. Tour organised by the Railway Touring Company, Track Gauge 760 mm.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad – Driver’s Eye View


The ‘Royal Gorge Route’ train carries tourists through one of Colorado’s most amazing natural features, the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River, known as the ‘Royal Gorge’. In places the canyon is only thirty feet wide, requiring the railway to be suspended above the river on an engineering masterpiece known as the ‘hanging bridge’. For decades passenger trains stopped on the bridge to allow passengers time to alight and wonder at the raging river below and the canyon walls rising 2600 feet above. During the heyday of the line in the 1890’s, four transcontinental passenger trains a day passed through the Royal Gorge. Competition from air and coach transport eventually reduced the service to one train daily between Denver and Salida, even this train was discontinued in 1967. The Rio Grande continued freight services through the gorge until 1989, after which various mergers and acquisitions led to closure of the Tennessee Pass line, including the gorge segment in 1997. Today’s ‘Royal Gorge Route Railroad’ began running trains over a 12 miles (19 km) section in 1998 going on to become a major tourist destination attracting over 100 000 visitors a year. The railway offers a variety of packages from a simple train ride to a delicious full dining option and for something really special it is possible to book a ride in the locomotive alongside the engineer. For further information about the history of this line please click on either of these links - 🤍 - 🤍 To book a trip or cab ride please click on this link - 🤍 I would like to thank the friendly staff for making my visit a real pleasure and a special thank you to the locomotive crew for mounting my camera on the locomotive to make this video possible. Several people asked if the Royal Gorge Railroad was still connected to the national network, so I Googled it and discovered this very interesting article, please click on the link to read it - 🤍 This video was filmed on 15th September 2017 At the request of some American viewers I should point out that 'Train Driver' is not the general term used to describe the person at the controls of the locomotive, whereas 'Engineer' is the accepted title in the USA, I sincerely hope my American viewers will forgive me for this oversight. Interesting reading copied from comments made by Chris Ball - The suspension bridge above is the famous Royal Gorge Bridge. It was built in the late 1920s at an estimated cost of $350,000. Most of its wooden planks burned in a large wildfire in 2013, but they've been replaced since. The smaller bridge you go over mid-trip is the lesser known Hanging Bridge. It was designed by C. Shallor Smith in the late 1870s, and cost approximately $11,870 to construct. It was originally 90% over water and 10% over land, but with modern day reinforcements to accommodate larger trains, the ratio is now about 50-50. The wooden pipeline on the opposite side of the river was built using prison labour, it was constructed using California redwood, back in 1908, completed in 1910, it served as Cañon City's main source of water until 1973. The pipeline stretches for 8 miles, and you can still see sections of pipeline that remain intact, over 110 years later. It's rather amazing! To see an alternative view of this train ride, please click on this link - 🤍

TRAIN DRIVER'S VIEW: Nice winter day on the Flåm Line in 4K UltraHD


Always fun to run on "maiden" snow covered tracks up the Flåm valley on Aurland, Norway. This is the first train up from Flåm to Myrdal in the morning. In awesome 4K UltraHD resolution! Enjoy! 🚄Bergen Line information: 🤍 🚞Flam Line information: 🤍 🚦Signaling information: 🤍 🚆Line information and speed: 🤍 Train Stops at: Flåm Lunden (On Demand) Håreina (On Demand) Berekvam (On Demand) Blomheller (On Demand) Kjosfossen (On Demand) Reinunga (On Demand) Vatnahalsen Myrdal ► Subscribe to my channel: 🤍 ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here 🤍 Donations will be used for: - Keeping the "live" stream alive - Updates for the streaming computer - More/upgraded camera Fees for written consent and licensing available on request.

District Line driver's eye view: Richmond to Upminster


A trip on London Underground's District Line from the front of an S7 stock. Filmed with an externally mounted GoPro hence the excellent track and motor sounds.

Driver’s Eye View - Bodmin & Wenford Railway - Part 1 - Bodmin General to Bodmin Parkway


The Bodmin & Wenford Railway is located on England’s South West Peninsula in the county of Cornwall. We received a warm, friendly welcome from the volunteers and staff who kindly allowed me to place cameras on locomotive No.4612, a GWR 5700 Class Panier Tank. In this the first of a 2 part series we take a return trip between Bodmin General and Bodmin Parkway over one of the most steeply graded routes to be found on any British heritage railway. Map at 00:31 - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.Attribution: Wikishire link - 🤍 Other Maps - Google Maps and Google Earth. Route generated with Route Generator. Link - 🤍 To learn more about this railway please click on this link - 🤍 The track gauge is 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) and the video was filmed on 15thAugust 2019

Driver’s Eye View at 4 x Speed – Alexandroupolis to Svilengrad


Cars reverse in front of the train, people walk backwards and the signals are set at danger, all it is not as at appears. This is really a guard’s view reversed to look like a driver’s view. Our journey starts at Alexandroupolis situated by the Aegean Sea, for much of this trip we travel close to the Turkish border to Dikaia the normal limit for passenger trains, continuing on to Svilengrad, Bulgaria via a little used line connecting the Greek and Bulgarian railways. If the music drives you mad, please don’t destroy your computer, tablet or television, just turn the music down.

Thameslink Driver's Eye View: Brighton to Bedford


Driver's eye view of a journey from Brighton to Bedford on a Class 700 EMU. Primarily created for the purpose of route learning for anyone who needs to learn this route. I hope you will find it useful. Station stops shortened to reduce dwell times - the video is around 30 minutes shorter than the actual journey time as a result. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver which was not in view of the driver to prevent distraction.

DRIVER'S EYE! | Onboard our AlphaTauri AT01 Formula 1 Car


Driver's Eye is back! Hop onboard our new AT01 and take a PoV lap around the Misano World Circuit! Taking a new Formula 1 car for a spin is always a special time, so recording its first laps with a driver's eye perspective seemed like the right thing to do! Follow AlphaTauri on your favourite social media pipes! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #F1 #AlphaTauri #PoV

Freight Driver's Eye View: Hither Green to Woking


Join us on board 66099 on this journey from Hither Green in South East London to Woking in Surrey. This train runs at a maximum speed of 60mph. Where differential speed restrictions apply, the ones which apply to our freight train are shown in the bottom right corner.

West Coast Main Line Driver's Eye View: Glasgow Central to Manchester Airport


A driver's eye view of the full train journey on the West Coast Main Line from Glasgow to Manchester via Preston on a Class 350 EMU to Carlisle and a new Class 397 EMU for the rest of the journey. The weather was awful throughout - the conditions going down Shap were truly atrocious. Although the speeds in this video have been checked for accuracy, they are for guidance only and drivers should always use official documentation to ensure they are aware of all line speeds. Thanks for watching. Update: Many thanks to my mate Lewis Evans who has done the times and locations for me! UNIT 350 409 on 20/02/2020 GLASGOW CENTRAL - Depart - 0:38 - Cambuslang - Pass - 8:20 - Newton - Pass - 9:33 MOTHERWELL - Arrive - 15:30 - Depart - 17:15 - Shieldmuir - Pass - 19:26 - Carluke - Pass - 23:59 CARSTAIRS - Arrive - 32:11 - Depart - 34:33 LOCKERBIE - Arrive 1:05:46 - Depart - 1:06:32 CARLISLE - Arrive - 1:23:53 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - UNIT 397 003 on 21/02/2020 CARLISLE - Depart - 1:24:55 PENRITH NORTH LAKES - Arrive 1:38:00 - Depart - 1:39:05 OXENHOLME - Arrive - 2:01:26 - Depart - 2:02:14 - Carnforth - Pass - 2:11:00 LANCASTER - Arrive - 2:15:16 - Depart - 2:16:00 PRESTON - Arrive 2:30:27 - Depart - 2:31:30 - Leyland - Pass - 2:34:47 - Buckshaw Parkway - Pass - 2:36:42 - Chorley - Pass - 2:38:32 - Adlington (Lancs) - Pass - 2:40:31 - Blackrod - Pass - 2:41:47 - Horwich Parkway - Pass - 2:42:45 - Lostock - Pass - 2:44:04 - Bolton - Pass - 2:47:03 - Moses Gate - Pass - 2:49:00 - Farnworth - Pass - 2:49:28 - Kearsley - Pass - 2:49:54 - Clifton - Pass - 2:51:57 - Salford Crescent - Pass - 2:55:00 - Deansgate - Pass - 2:58:15 MANCHESTER OXFORD ROAD - Arrive - 2:58:58 - Depart - 3:00:00 MANCHESTER PICCADILLY - Arrive - 3:01:16 - Depart 3:03:03 - Mauldeth Road - Pass - 3:09:23 - Burnage - Pass - 3:10:05 - East Didsbury - Pass - 3:10:48 - Gatley - Pass - 3:11:46 - Heald Green - Pass - 3:13:07 MANCHESTER AIRPORT - Arrive - 3:19:00

Manchester Victoria to Scarborough Driver's Eye View with voiceover commentary


This route learning/driver's eye view video takes us from Manchester Victoria to Scarborough. It's shot in 2.7k which makes for a better viewing experience than my previous videos. Although the speeds in this video have been checked for accuracy, they are for guidance only and drivers should always use official documentation to ensure they are aware of all line speeds. I also decided to do something a little different to what I've done before and do voiceover instead of captions for certain lineside features. FAQs: - The train is a Class 185 Diesel Multiple Unit - The speed shown in the bottom right hand corner is the line speed, not the current speed - No, I can't show the current speed - The speed shown is in Miles Per Hour, because that's what we use in the UK

Driver's Eye View - Schynige Platte Railway (Switzerland)


Whilst visiting the railways around Interlaken, I noticed some curious looking diminutive electric locomotives wobbling along, pushing two carriages next to the Interlaken to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen railway line. Today was the last day these little trains ran before the line closed for winter, the sun was shining and I had a few hours to spare, so I made my way to Wilderswil, the start of the line to learn a little more. The train was about to leave, so I took a seat in the front coach, where the lovely lady driving the train allowed me to place a camera in the front window. Please join me for this highly scenic trip, as our train climbs through the golden autumn trees to the lofty heights and amazing views from the Schynige Platte railway.

Thameslink Driver's Eye View: Brighton to London Bridge


Camera mounted outside. Unfortunately the fly doors on this unit were rattling - the noise is a bit irritating. Class 377 electrostar Filmed and edited by myself for route learning purposes.

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