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Bird Summons – Leila Aboulela: Tea Over Books


Leila Aboulela, a Sudanese-born writer, whose work has received critical acclaim and a high profile for its distinctive exploration of identity, migration and Islamic spirituality, joined us for our first session of Tea Over Books this year to discuss her journey to writing and the influences behind her work, which highlights challenges facing Muslims in Europe. - Join us outdoors for a series of stimulating book-based talks, with tea & treats on offer in our various reading rooms! 🤍 Every Saturday from 13 August to 3 September, we are holding a series of in-person events focusing on a selection of unique books at our campus in Cambridge. Stay afterwards for tea & biscuits in our special reading rooms dotted around our campus! These are strictly ticketed events and you must hold a ticket to attend. #TeaOverBooks

Leila Aboulela


Leila Aboulela: Writing Muslim Lives


Sudanese writer Leila Aboulela spoke with host Bhakti Shringarpure about East African and Sudanese literature, about Abdulrazak Gurnah's Nobel prize win, on writing about Muslim lives and Muslim cultures, and the ways in which the exciting shifts in readership across the Muslim world are shifting publishing paradigms. She commented on the ways in which the events of 9/11 and the ensuing wars altered the reception of books by her and other Muslim authors. Leila Aboulela is a writer from Sudan and currently lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has published five novels, two short story collections and many radio plays. She was the first every recipient of the Caine Prize for African Writing in the year 2000 for her short story "The Museum" and her novels have been long-listed for the Women's Prize for Fiction. Aboulela's short-story collection Elsewhere, Home was the winner of the 2018 Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. Bhakti Shringarpure is a writer, editor and academic. She is the editor of Warscapes magazine and runs the Radical Books Collective

Leila Aboulela & Alessandro Gallenzi Interview at the Edinburgh International Book Festival


Two brilliant international writers, Sudan's Leila Aboulela and Italy's Alessandro Gallenzi, chatted to us about their new books before their joint event in Charlotte Square Gardens. After their event we asked some audience members what they thought. You can see Leila and Alessandro's hour-long event, available soon, here on the edbookfest's youtube channel, filmed live as part of Trading Stories at the 2015 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Futures, Connection and Faith: Leila Aboulela and Nadine Aisha Jassat | Book Week Scotland


This event is part of the Book Week Scotland 2020 Digital Festival: 🤍 This Book Week Scotland, we have teamed up with Interfaith Scotland to bring you this event featuring Leila Aboulela and Nadine Aisha Jassat. Leila and Nadine will be discussing the future, connections and connectivity, and the role faith and interfaith plays in their creative processes. Leila Aboulela is the author of five novels, Bird Summons, The Translator, The Kindness of Enemies, Minaret and Lyrics Alley (Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards). Leila was the first winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing and her latest story collection, Elsewhere, Home won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. She was long-listed three times for the Orange Prize for Fiction. Her plays The Insider, The Mystic Life and others were broadcast on BBC Radio and her fiction included in publications such as Freeman’s, Granta and Harper’s. Nadine Aisha Jassat is an award-winning writer and the author of Let Me Tell You This (404 Ink). Her poetry, narrative non-fiction, and short stories feature widely online and in print, including in the celebrated anthology It’s Not About the Burqa: Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race.She has performed her work internationally and has drawn significant acclaim, including being named by Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay in her official selection of 10 Compelling ‘BAME’ writers working in the UK, as part of the British Council and National Centre for Writing’s International Literature Showcase. Leila and Nadine are joined by chair Jill Stevens.

Leila Aboulela & Alessandro Gallenzi at the Edinburgh International Book Festival


"Born in Sudan and for many years a resident of Aberdeen, Leila Aboulela injects a healthy dose of Scotland into her latest novel, The Kindness of Enemies. It opens in Scotland in 2010, and then journeys back to a time of war in 19th century Russia. Meanwhile Alessandro Gallenzi’s ambitious novel The Tower opens in the digital age, and time-travels back to Giordano Bruno and the Holy Inquisition in Rome. Watch both authors in conversation talk about their creations.

Leila Aboulela's top five picks from the library collection


Wondering what to read next? Sudanese author Leila Aboulela, recommends five works of fiction from the British Council Lahore Library's collection. Leila Aboulela is the first ever winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing. Her novels include 'The Translator', 'Minaret', 'Lyrics Alley' and 'Bird Summons'. Become a library member today and get exclusive access to our digital resources from audio books to films 🤍

Leila Aboulela and Jonathan Falla at Edinburgh Central Library


Leila Aboulela and Jonathan Falla discuss their work at an Edinburgh Reads event in Edinburgh Central Library.

Leila Aboulela: Decolonising the Imagination | WayWORD


Decolonising the Imagination: freeing reading and writing from the legacy of Empire is a masterclass by Leila Aboulela, and welcomes anyone interested in anti-racism, Black Lives Matter and diversity, as well as writers, readers and educators who are looking for ways to enrich their practice. Our views of the world and of ourselves are shaped by the texts we read. Often, it is the victor’s story that is amplified and easily accessible. Imperial and colonial ideas dominate the cultural landscape with deep and long-term effects not only on readers but also on creative writers. How do we question whose viewpoint such stories are coming from? How can we distinguish between harmful legacies, cherished tradition, and art? How can we free our imagination to discover new ways of thinking and knowing? The aim of the Masterclass is to enrich our understanding of decolonisation and gain inspiration from the following African key texts: Ngugi wa Thiong’o ‘s Decolonising the Mind, Franz Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks, Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North, and Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi’s The First Woman. Leila Aboulela has written short fiction, plays and five novels, including The Kindness of Enemies, Minaret and, most recently, Bird Summons. Her debut novel, The Translator, was one of New York Times’100 Notable books of the Year, while Lyrics Alley was Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards. Leila was the first winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing and her latest short story collection, Elsewhere, Home, won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. She is currently writing a historical novel set in Sudan. WayWORD is a a student and youth-led festival hosted by the WORD Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen. To book your tickets for this years festival visit 🤍waywordfestival.com BSL by Lesley Crerar

The Museum by Leila Aboulela


#storyFriday: The Museum by Leila Aboulela

My Chosen Verse with Leila Aboulela


Leila Aboulela was born in Cairo, grew up in Khartoum and moved in her mid-twenties to Aberdeen. She is the author of five novels, Bird Summons, The Translator, a New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year, The Kindness of Enemies, Minaret and Lyrics Alley, Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards. Leila’s fiction has received critical recognition and a high profile for its distinctive exploration of identity, migration and Islamic spirituality. She was the first winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing and her latest story collection, Elsewhere, Home won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. Leila’s work has been translated into fifteen languages and several of her plays were broadcast on BBC Radio. Leila is Honorary President of SSSUK-the Society for the Study of the Sudans UK and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Public Qur'an Campaign is a non-profit organisation which is working to help educate the public to correct various misunderstandings about Islam and about religion in general by placing verses of the Qur'an translated according to context into public public. Public Qur’an Campaign’s Ramadan series 2021 seeks to explore the impact that the Qur’an has on a wide variety of Muslims around the world from authors, academics and activists, to professionals and politicians. In this episode, Leila Aboulela shares her thoughts on the following verse: Surat Ar-Rum, verse 21 ''And of His signs is that He created for you, from yourselves, spouses, that you might find rest in them, and He ordained between you affection and mercy. Surely in that there are signs for a people who reflect.''

Leila Aboulela


Talk by Leila Aboulela at the SSSUK Symposium, 7th September 2019

CTS: Leila Aboulela “Fiction as Translation"


Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir Square The Center for Translation Studies and the AUC Department of English and Comparative Literature present an interdisciplinary lecture by Sudanese-Egyptian novelist Leila Aboulela entitled “Fiction as Translation.” Discussing her personal experiences as a published author writing in English, Aboulela highlights the nuances of having her novels translated in multiple languages and the complexities of remaining faithful to the intended meanings of the text.

Aspire to Inspire with Leila Aboulela / نطمح للالهام مع ليلى ابو العلا


In this interview with Leila Aboulela, we discuss her journey as an author, and the challenges that faced her when she moved to the UK, and how it led her to become an author. Leila is Sudanese writer and the author of 5 novels, with her novel Lyrics Alley, she won Novel of the Year at the Scottish book awards. She won the first ever Caine Prize for African Writing for her short story the museum, and her story collection, Elsewhere Home won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. This interview is part of the "Aspire to Inspire" Series by Al Sudaniya Mentoring (ASM) - في هذه المقابلة مع ليلى أبو العلا، نناقش التحديات التي واجهتها في رحلتها كمؤلفة والموضوعات المطروحة في رواياتها. ليلى أبو العلا كاتبة سودانية ومؤلفة خمسة روايات، فازت روايتها "Lyrics Alley" برواية العام في حفل توزيع جوائز الكتاب الاسكتلندي. فازت بجائزة كين الأولى على الإطلاق للكتابة الأفريقية عن قصتها القصيرة "The museum"، وفازت مجموعة قصصها "Elsewhere home" بجائزة سالتير للكتاب الخيالي للعام. هذه المقابلة جزء من سلسلة "نطمح للالهام" التي أطلقتها السودانية للإرشاد.

Leila Aboulela discussing their book "BIRD SUMMONS" | IBF 2022 | RR365 | Glasgow


Did you miss the Iqra Book Festival 2022? Catch up with guest Leila Aboulela discussing their book "BIRD SUMMONS" Follow us on : 🤍 🤍 🤍

Books and Beats Episode 6 | Elsewhere Home by Leila Aboulela


ABOUT THE SERIES: Books and Mixtapes is a series where I share what’s on my bookshelf. All the books featured in the video series are books by Black and POC authors. I pair each featured book with a mixtape by black and POC womxn selekhtas and share a book community spotlight which I recommend viewers explore at their leisure. ABOUT THIS EPISODE: I speak about Elsewhere Home by Leila Aboulela Leila Aboulela is the first-ever winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing. Her novels include The Kindness of Enemies, The Translator, Minaret and Lyrics Alley. Her work has been translated into fifteen languages. She grew up in Khartoum, Sudan, and now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. BOOK COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Linda Kaoma of LindaReads YouTube channel is a writer, poet, facilitator, dancer scholar, books & fashion lover Subscribe to Linda’s Youtube Channel: 🤍 Follow her on Instagram: 🤍 Watch this genius, creative challenge - 🤍 MIXTAPE OF THE WEEK “Warm Sounds for Cold Hearts” by El Corazon 🤍 More about Attiyah Khan Recent article she penned for New Frame “A personal reflection on the legacy of Jamaican producer and artist Lee “Scratch” Perry, known for his innovations in sound. Known for his eccentricity too” - 🤍 Funambalist - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

Interview with Author, Leila Aboulela: The Bird Summons


Leila Aboulela was born in 1964 in Cairo and grew up in Khartoum. One of her short stories, ‘The Museum’, won the Caine Prize for African Writing in 2000. Elsewhere, Home, in 2018, which won the award for Saltire Society's Fiction Book of the Year 2018. I interview Leila about her work and inspiration, as well as about 'The Bird Summons' - a story about three Muslim women in Scotland who embark on a quest to visit the remote grave of a Scottish aristocrat, Lady Evelyn Cobbold, who converted to Islam in the nineteenth century, and is the first European woman to go on hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).

SBWN Conference 2021 - Keynote with Leila Aboulela


Leila Aboulela delivers her keynote for SBWN's 2021 conference. Recorded in November 2021. SBWN Co-director, Jeda Pearl Lewis, reflects on the history of SBWN and 2021 so far and introduces Leila. Captions by Collective Text (Sarya Wu, Bea Webster, Emilia Beatriz, Camara Taylor, Nicole O'Reilly) Leila Aboulela is the author of five novels: Bird Summons, Minaret, The Translator (a New York Times 100 Notable Book of the Year), The Kindness of Enemies and Lyrics Alley, (Fiction Winner of the Scottish Book Awards). She was the first winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing and her latest story collection, Elsewhere, Home won the Saltire Fiction Book of the Year Award. Leila’s work has been translated into fifteen languages and she was long-listed three times for the Orange Prize. She grew up in Khartoum and moved in her mid-twenties to Aberdeen. Find out more about SBWN: 🤍

Leila Aboulela - River Spirit


For the latest SWH! podcast Ali spoke to writer Leila Aboulela to talk about her latest novel, 'River Spirit', which will be published with Saqi Books on the 7th March. Leila spoke about her reasons for writing it, the research required, her interest in Sudanese history, why this period is so important to the country and its people, exploring history through fiction, managing the balance between real events (and individuals) and fiction, the Scottish strand to the story, and much more. The two also discuss Leila's desire to bring Sudanese and Scottish culture together, the importance of memory, history repeating itself, and Aberdeen's current, and thriving, writing, arts, and culture scene. It's a wonderful and warm conversation with one of Scotland's finest and most admired writers, and we hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did recording it. All the relevant links as to where you can learn more about Leila Aboulela's life and work, and where you can buy a copy of 'River Spirit', are over at 🤍

Instalive withe Leila Aboulela, author of Bird Summons


What a fabulous chat with the lovely Leila Aboulela about Bird Summons which was Leeds Lit Club’s February read. The conversation is mostly spoiler free (just one question at the very end contains minor spoilers but I give you warning!). We cover themes of Muslim female representation, the historical figure of Lady Evelyn Zainab Cobbold, friendship and sisterhood, motherhood, identity and more! I’m especially excited to hear about Leila’s upcoming release which we will have to wait for but I’m sure it will be worth the wait! Thank you to Leila for joining us and being generous in her time and answers. And thank you to everyone who tuned in and got involved. I’m sorry of you asked a question and I didn’t get to it but I hope you found the rest of discussion enlightening and enriching.

Missing Out lesson- Leila Aboulela analysis


Set text analysis

Black Lives Matter - Leila Aboulela


Award winning Author Leila Aboulela discusses Black Lives Matter with our present Martin O Alohan. Producer/Editor: Greg Mitchell RGU:Union Links Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/rguunion Twitter: 🤍rguunion Website: 🤍rguunion.co.uk RGU:TV Links Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/rgutv Twitter: 🤍rgutv RGU:Radio Links Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/rguradio Twitter: 🤍rguradio Website: 🤍rguradio.co.uk RGU:Radar Links Facebook: 🤍facebook.com/radarrgu Twitter: 🤍radarrgu

Leila Aboulela's #ThankBooks for Book Week Scotland 2015


Who will you thank books for: 🤍

The Anglo-Arab Voice Podcast: Leila Aboulela, Fiction Writer


Laila Aboulela is a British-Sudanese writer and novelist whose work explores immigration, Islamic identity and spirituality. She moved from Sudan to Scotland, and this had a great impact on her work. Hear her advice for the younger generation who grew up in a cosmopolitan climate, and the importance of staying close to your culture. Presenter Iman Khalil Voiceover by Mo Ayoub Produced by Camilla Byk Podium.me and Petra Ayar Jahchan Al-Fanar Media The publication of this podcast series was supported by a grant from the NewsSpectrum Fellowship programme. Al Fanar Media teamed up with Podium.me to bring you a series of podcasts delving into the world of what it means to be a British-Arab living in the UK. Our team of student journalists who live and study in the UK interviewed a variety of personalities; from a cardiologist to a classical music duo, they questioned their guests about their work, their life as an Arab and how they can influence the next generation of Arab diaspora. Listening to this podcast series will take you into the heart of what the Arab culture and heritage can do personally and professionally to enhance everyday life in Britain. The Anglo-Arab Voice podcast will bring you three new episodes every week throughout March 2022. Listen to the episodes on: Podium.me’s SoundCloud: 🤍 Al-Fanar Media’s Youtube Channel: 🤍 Al-Fanar Media’s Podcasts: 🤍

Book Chat: Zukiswa Wanner, Abdourahman Waberi, Leila Aboulela


In this book chat, Zukiswa Wanner will talk to Abdourahman Waberi and Leila Aboulela on their books: The Divine Song and Bird Summons. The conversation will feature an elaborate dissection of both works while the audience gets a chance to ask the authors pertinent questions about the books.

Small Pleasures Episode 6: Leila Aboulela's 'Missing Out'


A sensitive and complex story about the pressures on a young couple who move to a foreign country, with a different culture and religious faith. REFERENCES Aboulela, Leila, ‘Missing Out’, Granta 111, 12 July 2010, 🤍 [accessed 20 July 2022]. Smith, Zadie, ‘Speaking in Tongues’ collected in Changing My Mind – Occasional Essays (London: Penguin, 2011), pp. 133–150. VICE, T.,’CLASS AS DESTINY IN THE SHORT STORIES OF TESSA HADLEY,’ in eds. Young, E., and Bailay, J., (2017) Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, British Women Short Story Writers: the New Woman of Now pp 148-161 🤍 🤍 🤍 [accessed 20 July 2022]. Credits: Edited by Sonya Moor and Livi Michael. Artwork by Oli DM. Music by Paul A. Site management Ben P. Links: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Leila Aboulela as an Immigrant Writer


This presentation examines the potential of Leila Aboulela as an Arab-British writer.

Pen World Festivals Tour: Leila Aboulela


Leila Aboulela reads from her book Lyrics Alley as a part of the PEN World Festivals Tour. Also featured are Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Daniel Orozco, and moderator Lisa Page. May 2, 2011

Leila Aboulela's views on I Know Two Sudans


Leila Aboulela's views on I Know Two Sudans

Leila Aboulela visits her old school in Khartoum 2008


British Council - ENCOUNTERS-One of the few initiatives to engage the north and south Sudan culturally and through the arts before the secession. Participating writers included David Lukudu and Sidahmed Bilal - filmed by Taghred Elsanhouri

minaret by leil a aboulela


if you are interested in listening to Minaret inform me in comment so that i will record the whole novel

Interview de Leila Aboulela - DibaBox


Leila Aboulela nous dit tout de ses inspirations, des raisons qui l'ont poussée à écrire son excellente nouvelle Le Musée. Elle nous dévoile aussi ses auteurs africains favoris. Retrouve également DibaBox sur instagram : 🤍 Je te fais découvrir l'Afrique littérairement, culturellement et le tout de ton canapé. Retrouve les super box beauté et littéraire sur 🤍

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