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ASMR Roleplay: My [Bi]g Secret [M4A] [Cardlin comes out to his partner] [Comfort]


Pick which gender tag makes you feel the most comfortable! M4A: 🤍 M4M: 🤍 M4F: 🤍 ✨ 🐻✨🐻✨ Written by Jordan! Edited by Rhianna! 🖋️ Recorded by CardlinAudio 🐻🎙️ Effects and mastering by: Kes 🤍 Cardlin drawn by: OffbeatCrow! 🤍 🔍What do I offer across different platforms? 🔎 💖 I post 4 NEW SPICY AUDIOS on Patreon every month! 🎮 I stream on Twitch most nights at 6pm PST! 👑 I have enamel pin merch and an official merch store where you can get a Cardlin Flannel. ✨There are also so many different ways to follow me, like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! Best part? You can find all of these places right here: 🤍 Want to know when and what I'm uploading? Find out in the Cardlin Upload Calendar! ► 🤍 Have a script you want to send me? ► Cardlinscripts🤍gmail.com My commissions are open! Check out this form for more information ► 🤍

Dragon In Distress [M4A] [Royal Listener] [Tsun Dragon] [Acquaintances to Lovers] [Proposal]


You're the ruler of a great kingdom and since you ascended the throne, this dragon you came across once keeps kidnapping you. After one more failed attempt from your knights to save you, the dragon decides that you two need to have a heart-to-heart conversation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Written by u/joylandblah on r/ASMRScriptHaven [shorturl.at/almsE] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow me on Twitter for updates! 🤍 All sounds are either my own foley or CC0 from Freesound.org Thumbnail art by DALL·E and/or Midjourney (AI), so it may look slightly surreal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tags for big Neal (RIP Susan): #ASMR, #Roleplay, #ASMRRoleplay, #Relaxation, #Boyfriend, #Comfort, #BritishAccent, #EnglishAccent, #BoyfriendASMR, #ComfortForBurnout, #rainASMR, #ComfortForAnxiety, SleepAid, #AshMoth, #AshMothAudio, #AshMothASMR

Possessive Yandere Demon Rewrites Your Memories | Audio RP | [M4A]


empathy has its limits Warnings: [conditioning/manipulating/gaslighting][dubiously consensual touch and telepathy][dubiously consensual memory modification][dehumanization][objectification][love-bombing][binaural layered audio and layered voices] - hope you enjoy Regulus's playlist: 🤍 - written and recorded by yours truly All my links, including Patreon (vote in polls, get credited in videos, get early access, get bonus audios, and more): 🤍 This original content has been created exclusively for this YouTube channel. No permission for this copywritten audio to be distributed, copied, shared, or plagiarized is granted to any person, organization, or entity.

Overprotective Bodyguard Confesses His Love To You [Kissing] [Overprotective] [Yelling] [M4A ASMR]


After you're rescued from a close call, your bodyguard is furious. But when he finds out the real reason why you snuck out, a confession changes everything. Script by : u/lupinstolemyheart Title : One Kiss [Bodyguard] [Close Call] [Yelling] [Revelations] [You Did This For Me?] [Confessions] [Kisses] [Deep Breathing] [Hair Stroking] [Bittersweet Parting] (Let me know if you want more in the comments, there's a continuation of this!) art credit : 🤍 - LINKTREE TO ALL MY SOCIALS : 🤍 💖 Thank you for the support 💖 - TAGS : #asmr #asmrroleplay #boyfriendasmr #m4m #m4a #m4f #teasing #kissing #vtuber #vsinger #spicy #softdom #softspoken #softspokenasmr #sleepaid #sleepaidasmr #overprotective #bodyguard #bodyguardtolover #bodyguardasmr

Showing your boyfriend your new cosplay (Boyfriend ASMR RP M4A) 👘 [shy listener] [hyping you up]


Thought this would be a nice audio for you amazing cosplaying listeners! You should have all the confidence in the world doing something your passionate about! Go wear that amazing outfit with pride! (also ofc the GIF is from My Dress Up Darling; I'm a man of culture after all :P) ✨ Huge thanks to all channel Members for your support! ✨ Special shoutout and appreciation to 🖤 Loyal tier members: Patty, Aly Machan, JobelleIsKewl, Elle P., Wolfmouse, Riri, CalciumSelenide, Hawk OnALitePost, despoina, Rev, Hope Padilla, Nalie, and Aubrey (and to those who wish to remain anonymous!) 💖 𝘎𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘚𝘶𝘱𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵: 🤍 OR 🤍 📸 𝘐𝘯𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘮: 🤍 🖼️ 𝘎𝘐𝘍 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘤𝘦: My Dress Up Darling (anime series) #ASMR #BoyfriendExperience #M4A

[M4A] Coming Home to Your Sick Boyfriend [Reverse Comfort] [Stomach Ache] [ASMR] [BFE]


Thank you all for your patience during my break last week ❤️ It was very much needed. Things are ridiculously busy for me right now, but I'm working on getting more recordings done and taking more pictures for Patreon and everything :) Image credits to Pixabay at Pexels. Much love, Sunny ☀️

Give you hea-!? Y-yes!!! | 𝓢𝓹𝓲𝓬𝔂ASMR | Roleplay {M4A} {Sub incubus x listener}


Hewooo!!!!! Enjoy this!!!! And per usual full and free version in patreon! I love you all!!!! I’m so happy that I get to have a wonderful community and people to give me criticisms! I cherish you all! My marshmellos! 🌹New or current🌹 🌸🌸🌸Thank you patreons!!!!🌸🌸🌸 Sugarcookieprincess Moon Jess Drangeel58 Mono Kristina Powell Ginny Torres Sarah Newman Bread web Nicole Lord zodiac lyrius SammieSammer Alex Collin Mya Vallery Emmy bear Miranda McCall Hot-girl-yn Ali Izzy Onlyher Kyle Moss Dinosauwr Gilberto Hernandez MG Broken kiddo Sarai Straughter Ashley Neihardt kyle Whoop Đỗ Nguyễn Hoàng Anh Ashley Neihardt Sarai Straughter Support or Full Spicy Audios 🌶️- 🤍 For business- ytmellosasmr🤍gmail.com Video/Creator/voice- me (MellosAMSR) -Art- EDITED OR NOT GOES TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS!!! Background- 🤍 Anime Boy 1- 🤍 Anime Boy 2- 🤍 #ASMR #ASMRRoleplay #ASMRBoyfriend #LoverASMR #subbyboy #yourname #xlistener #daddy #Roleplayaudio #fandom #Incubus #Succubus #hanime #AnimeRoleplay #Roleplay #Yn #asmrfantasy #husbando #ASMRPossessiveboyfriend

Letting Your Cute Neighbour Stay For The Night [M4A] [Confession] [Flirting] [Kissing]


an unconventional time and day for my usual uploads but I managed to finish this in time and wanted to get it out before monday truly began, I hope you enjoy, huge thanks to u/softlikestatic, this script is wonderful!~♡ also it's been a long time coming but patreon audios will be resuming tomorrow with a series written by u/ItsEsmeJones on Reddit, I'm looking forward to posting them due to me rarely playing such a character, thanks and my apologies for not posting on there often at all within this year, looking to be more consistent botht there and on this channel :) ♡ feeling extra generous? check out my wishlist: 🤍 ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ if you have any audio suggestions please let me know in the comments, I'm looking for new ideas, don't hesitate you can suggest anything you'd like~ Patreon: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Wishlist: 🤍 All my links: 🤍 Email: romanceasmr🤍gmail.com Script: by softlikestatic Thanks for listening - romance THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING ME!~ ♡ (updating shortly)

M4A -- A Moonlit Affair 9 -- Werewolf Boyfriend RP | Enemies to Lovers | ASMR RP


🤍 - Get Social Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Kofi: 🤍 Insta: 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Audio Master - SoundByKes 🤍 Script By ItsEsmeJones: 🤍

Don't Summon Demons While Drunk [M4A] [Demon Speaker] [Strangers to ???] [Hangover] [Amnesia] (ASMR)


(Modified) Summary from the script author: You got really drunk after getting dumped, and in a miserably depressed state, somehow formed a pact with a demon to be by his side as a romantic partner for the rest of his life. Script written by HastingsDev. #asmr #roleplay #demon #boyfriend #amnesia

Waking Up On A Rude Goth Boys Lap🖤 | [M4A] [Annoyed] [Sarcastic] [Sort of Complimenting You]


POV- You were dragged to the party by your more extroverted friend..as the night continued you passed out…only to wake up in a goths lap……. CREDIT: Script: Yours Truly Art Used: Pinterest Music Used: 🤍 - Hope you enjoy the Roleplay content if you like my content feel free to show the love by subscribing and keeping up with my future Roleplaying projects!



NUEVO CANAL: 🤍 like y te paso el audio Sigueme en mis redes, talvez aparezcas en el siguiente video ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Tik Tok: 🤍 ▶ Twitter: 🤍 #discord #minecraft

[M4A] Teasing from the Ceiling [Tsundere Boyfriend x Batfolk Listener] [Date Night] [Light] [Dinner]


Summary: It’s date night! Your heart is all a-flutter with excitement for this evening as the light of your life has promised to prepare a candlelit dinner just for the two of you. Of course, you intend to give them a little surprise as well… (An original script by me, though others are welcome to use it as long as they credit me as the writer.) [Tsundere] [Boyfriend] [Batfolk] [Date Night] [Established Relationship] [Annoyed] [Kiss] [Slice-of-Life] #voiceacting #roleplay #asmr #m4f #m4a #m4m #audio #malevoice #boyfriendaudio #tsundere #datenight

ASMR | Tsundere jock cuddles you at a party (Hidden feelings) (Enemies to lovers?) (Roleplay) (M4A)


This is a script by ItsEsmeJones:🤍 Context: You've known a certain boy since high school, and he's not the nicest. He made a habit of picking on folks but you especially. Even still, you reckon he's not so bad, and when he opened up about potentially having depression and anxiety, you offered to help him with coursework. He seems grateful but it's difficult to tell. Maybe you'll find out how he really feels tonight. Setting: A Sigma frat party Background image: 🤍 Character image: 🤍 Profile picture: 🤍 Tags:[M4A][Enemies to Friends?][Tsundere Jock Speaker][Helpful Nerd Listener][Hidden Feelings][Tsundere]vs[Deredere][Cuddles][Internal Monologue][Grumpy]to[Sweet][Sleep Confession][Vulnerable][CW: Mentions of Depression/Anxiety]

ASMR | Positive Affirmations And Cuddles In Bed {M4A}


You're valid. :) I know a lot of you have been going through a lot recently and I am totally on that same boat with you. Uncertainty, anxiety, and all that other icky stuff. Either way, hopefully this can help you! And if you're doing alright? I'm glad! Hope it relaxes you all the same. Please Consider Supporting The Channel! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Commissions are currently open! Feel free to inquire at: kabuyamava🤍gmail.com

[M4A] Asking Wolf Roommate For Attention pt 2 [Flirty] [Cuddles] [Kiss] [Reassuring] [Sleep Aid]


Dont gotta be shy, i mean after last time you think they like you...right? . script cred: u/WhiteKatAudios . My socials 🤍 . #anime #asmr #relaxing #relaxing #comfort #roleplay #sleep #sleeping #romance #yandere

Truck Driver Picks You Up ("I noticed you were all alone.") [M4A] [Cute] [Comfort]


Summary from the script author: A kind trucker is willing to help you out and get you warmed up after your friends ditched you far from home. Script written by Michael-Afton. #strangerstofriends #trucking

FKA.m4a | Boiler Room: Barcelona


A purveyor of Italo Disco, Chicago House, Psychedelic Techno and more, FKA.m4a — live from Nitsa Club in Barcelona. ► Listen to Boiler Room’s archive on Apple Music: 🤍 ► Shop Boiler Room clothing: 🤍 ► Subscribe to Boiler Room: 🤍

[M4A] A Moth to Flame Pt. 3 [Yandere] [Teasing] [Star gazing] [Romance] [Moth Listener] [Spider VA]


Rumor has it that a strange creature lives in the castle nearby. You see a light on in one of the towers but have never had the bravery to investigate. At least, not until tonight. What waits for you within its walls may very well prove to be your end. Or...? . script cred: u/ItsEsmeJones . my socials: 🤍 . #anime #asmr #relaxing #relaxingasmr #comfort #roleplay #sleeping #sleep #romance #yandere

A Heroic Turn (M4A) (Villain? Listener)


Happy Love Day everyone! I've been planning this vid for a while, I hope you like it! Plus, I'm so sorry for not uploading more, life has got me busy. I hope you all have a good day or night!

Pop Star Takes You on a Date ⭐ | [M4A] [Meeting up] [Hiding From Papparazi] [Light Flirting]


POV- A couple days have passed and the pop star you hid has asked you out on a date…You accept his invitation and you are enjoying eachothers company when paparazzi come around the corner..you quickly hide and get intimate…. CREDIT: Script: Me Art Used: Pinterest - Hope you enjoy the Roleplay content if you like my content feel free to show the love by subscribing and keeping up with my future Roleplaying projects!

Failing to Frighten Your Yandere Captor [M4A] [Yandere x Vengeful Ghost] [Horror?] [Dark Comedy]


From the script: "I knew that you might have left your body, but you hadn’t left me..." WARNING: This audio briefly implies that the speaker is responsible for the listener's death. There is talk of kidnapping, captivity, and possessive tones. Please remember that everything in this recording is purely the fantastical imaginings of the author, and is not in any way, shape, or form, real. Script written by 🤍EmeraldAshesAudio. (Trying out this new tag thing!) #asmr #roleplay #ghost #yandere #badend #darkcomedy

Tsundere Goth Bully Pretends To Be Your Boyfriend And Likes It~ [M4A]{ASMR RP}[Enemies to Lovers]


“It's not about being different for different sake, it's about being confident enough to be yourself despite what others think” -To be goth You know those people that just don’t want to be bothered and have absolutely no interest in talking to anyone yet their apathy and strive to just stay in their lane naturally gravitates people towards them? Yeah that’s Derek or as he’s more commonly known, Saiko! He just seems to have a way with people by not having a way with them and because of that he’s the leader of his clique at college. He’s a goth and enjoys nothing more than hating people who fake being more than what they are or bully and belittle others who want to be themselves because of this he has no shortage of enemies but person who he hates most of all is funnily Decon (our popular bully) He despises him and all his friends and that’s where you come in, you’re one of Decon friends or at least you have been ever since you transferred to this place and through association he hates you as well…well he hated you because I think tonight might just change that when you bump into him on the balcony of the party you’ve been invited to! Don’t let that huge goth give you too much of a hard time!! 😳 Hehe I really hope you liked this one guys! I’ve always been a massive fan of the goth subculture but to be honest I’m a fan of any culture that breeds self expression and acceptance, I hope you like this new character let me know if you want more! 💜 I love you all so much thank you for stopping by my kingdom hehe! 💜💜 Art: Fount on Pinterest Original Script: HydroKingVA Full Title: Tsundere Goth Bully Pretends To Be Your Boyfriend And Likes It~ [M4A][M4F][M4M]{ASMR RP}{Asmr audio roleplay}{Boyfriend asmr}{roleplay asmr}{anime asmr}{boyfriend audio}[Enemies to Lovers][Goth asmr][goth boy asmr][goth bully asmr][grumpy goth][tsundere][tsundere bully asmr][tsundere confession][tsundere x listener][kisses][kissing][kiss][friends to lovers][pretending to be your boyfriend][fake boyfriend][protective][bully roleplay][goth x listener][bully x listener][bully asmr][argument][yelling][party][music][male voice][bf rp][possessive][popular][Too many tags][no seriously how many tags does one title need?][HYDRO STOP DAMMIT WE DON'T NEED NO MORE TAGS]…[boyfriend asmr][URGH!] [ Disclaimer! All of my audio dramas, asmr roleplays and work as such are for entertainment purposes only! They are not to be taken seriously as they are all fictional pieces of media! Thank you. ]

A Living Painting Wants to See the World [M4A] [Painting Speaker] [Explorer Listener] [Platonic]


Summary from the script author: The abandoned house at the end of the road. An urban legend that has haunted your town for years. One day, your curiosity gets the better of you, and you decide to take a peek inside. While there, you unveil a beautiful painting covered in dust… Script written by NyanToDaMax145.

Friend Saves Your Life! [Spy Listener] [Friends to ?] [M4A] ASMR Roleplay


After being very avoidant and secretive of your old friend, you show up unexpectedly one night at his house, in urgent need of help. You have been shot, and your friend, being a vet, might be able to help you. After years of avoiding him, you find out how much you broke his heart. Maybe this is a chance to make things right. But first, you need to be honest about your life, and trust the one who is keeping you alive. Background: 🤍 Character: 🤍

Your Boss Reveals The Truth {Audio RP}[M4A][Part 9]


After a stressful conversation, you know the perfect way to calm Isaac down, but your idea has more to it than he realises. ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ I know it's been a long while since your best boss! I think I became so wrapped up in tying his story alongside other characters that I almost lost sight of the fact that he has a life of his own, and I don't want to explicitly make parts for him so other narratives can move forward. It's not to say that I don't like adding those little info nuggets though~ Where do you think the story will go now? Disclaimer: The primary focus of this audio is story-driven, not ASMR. Please be aware there may be loud sounds such as explosions, screaming, yelling, etc. ╔⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╗ 📸 Social Media: 🤍 ╚⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╝ Thumbnail artwork by the amazing Jaykay! Please follow her on Twitter! 🤍 #audiodrama #bossaudio #audiorp

fka.m4a | HÖR - Jun 17 / 2022


►HÖR x3 Anniversary at Nåpoleon Komplex, July 10th Tickets are now online via RA: 🤍 Get our new apparel: 🤍 ►Надія в єдності / Hope In Unity VA 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Bridges Over Borders Berlin. 🤍 ►Resources on how to help Ukraine and people affected by the invasion: 🤍 🤍 🤍 - BIPOC refugee resources Keep the comment section respectful. Any form of hate speech is not welcome. If you do not comply with our policy, your comment will be deleted and you will be removed from the channel.

Your bully drags you into a closet after you act out (Male bully x Listener) (M4A)


My twitch: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 My Vtuber twitter: 🤍 My Throne: 🤍 #asmr #boyfriend #va #anime #romance #roleplay #asmrsounds #asmrrp #lovers #dom #relaxing #relaxingasmr #sleep #friendstolovers #soundeffects #comfort #bully #emotional

[M4A] Divine Calm - Bek Sleep aid - ASMR roleplay (Bek) (Commission)


Redbubble merch: 🤍 patreon: 🤍

Yandere Vampire follows you home [M4A ASMR] [Yandere] [Spicy]


You are a experient hunter known and feared in the supernatural world. Once you set your eyes on a target, they know it's over for them, but things change when a vampire that you never saw in the area before appears at your house and starts to play with its food. You. Will your strong hate for monsters help you defeat this vampire, or will he show you who's really the true hunter? Thank you for all the support, if you enjoyed this video, leave a like and a comment, if you find yourself coming back, why not subscribe! Check out my socials Twitter: 🤍 Tik-Tok: 🤍 Discord Server: 🤍 Thank you to joylandblah for the script 🤍 #asmr #asmrroleplay #roleplay #roleplayasmr #maleasmr #asmrmale #asmrmalevoice #audioroleplay #roleplayaudio #pov #xreader #listener #yn #yandere #stalker #yanderevampire

[M4A] ENEMIES TO FRIENDS? - What Are We Doing Here? [Tsundere Jock Speaker] [Helpful Nerd Listener]


[#M4A] What Are We Doing Here? [Enemies to Friends?][Tsundere Jock Speaker][Helpful Nerd Listener][Hidden Feelings][#Tsundere]vs[#Deredere][Cuddles][Internal Monologue][Grumpy]to[Sweet][#SleepConfession][Vulnerable] [CW: Mentions of Depression/Anxiety] Script by Esme Jones Context: You've known a certain boy since high school, and he's not the nicest. He made a habit of picking on folks but you especially. Even still, you reckon he's not so bad, and when he opened up about potentially having depression and anxiety, you offered to help him with coursework. He seems grateful but it's difficult to tell. Maybe you'll find out how he really feels tonight. Setting: A Sigma frat party Some Keywords [#M4A] What Are We Doing Here? [Enemies to Friends?][Tsundere Jock Speaker][Helpful Nerd Listener][Hidden Feelings][#Tsundere]vs[#Deredere][Cuddles][Internal Monologue][Grumpy]to[Sweet][#SleepConfession][Vulnerable] [#M4A] What Are We Doing Here? [Enemies to Friends?][Tsundere Jock Speaker][Helpful Nerd Listener][Hidden Feelings][#Tsundere]vs[#Deredere][Cuddles][Internal Monologue][Grumpy]to[Sweet][#SleepConfession][Vulnerable]

Unwinding At Night With Your Boyfriend {Audio RP}[M4A][Sleep-Aid][Comfort]


You find Matias is struggling to write and decide for both of you to unwind for the night. ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ I bet y'all weren't expecting the return of the beloved storm boyfriend! Lately, I've been trying to see characters not in the regular rotation as people I can develop rather than fillers. It allows me to explore them in more detail, as well as figure out scenarios in their life that are apt for making into an audio drama, whether that be for comfort, angst, or something else~ Characters in the regular rotation take much longer to complete, so it's nice to relax a little with something more slice-of-life. I hope you feel the same way! Disclaimer: The primary focus of this audio is story-driven, not ASMR. Please be aware there may be loud sounds such as explosions, screaming, yelling, etc. ╔⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╗ 📸 Social Media: 🤍 ╚⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╝ Thumbnail created by the lovely Lia! Please check out her artwork and twitter here! 🤍 #audiodrama #audiorp #maleaudio

Morning After Sharing a Room with Your Enemy | M4A ASMR [tsundere][werewolf]


[vampire listener][enemies to lovers][slow burn] It's the morning after spending the night with Ross, the enemy werewolf. Why are his hands wrapped around you? - ► Bonus Audios on Patreon, Twitch and more 🤍 ► Merch 🤍 - Script by myself Thumbnail: 🤍sei_jurou25 on Twitter :D Pokemon Dreamyard slow + reverb: 🤍 Bird chirping: 🤍 #ASMR #Roleplay #M4A #BoyfriendASMR #AudioRP

Meeting Your Long-Distance Boyfriend For the First Time [M4A] [sleepy talk] [kissing]


Everything in your relationship seems perfect - except the distance. One night, on a call, he impulsively buys plane tickets, and before you know it you're finally seeing each other in-person for the first time. SPICY 🔞 CONCLUSION ON PATREON: 🤍 - been thinking about this topic for a while. now i finally did it, and i think it's really cute and good. i'd really like to do more of it, so if you enjoyed it pls like and comment and stuff so the algorithm knows it's good. tell me in the comments, description readers; you ever done a long-distance relationship? i'd love to hear about your experiences 😌 love, phas 💖 #asmr #m4a #m4f #mfm #kissing #sleep #sleepy #boyfriend #asmrboyfriendroleplay asmr, m4a, m4f, m4m, kissing, sleepy, boyfriend roleplay, deep voice

[M4A] Fixing Up A Robot Episode 2 [Feat @MageBunkshelf][ASMR Roleplay][Sci-Fi][Strangers to Lovers]


We get to go visit a friend? Sounds fun! I'll put on my best nuts and bolts. Thank you again to 🤍MageBunkshelf for lending me his voice for Cogg once again! Mage's Channel: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Check out my Throne Wishlist! 🤍 Art by: Me Follow My Socials (if you wanna!) Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Support me on Ko-Fi! 🤍 Sound FX: Freesound.org System voice created with the help from 15.ai (a seriously amazing site)

[Audio Roleplay] Waking Up Next To The Cute Stranger~ | [M4A] [Part I]


"Stepping out of McKaylie's party for a breath of fresh air, you didn't expect to meet a cute stranger this far out from the house. He's cute, charming, but soft and chill at the same time. But a night of partying leaves you both curious and scared why you're waking up with him in your bed..." 🎵 Headphones are recommended for the best experience! 🎵 Hello my Moonlights! I hope you enjoy today's audio! I'm so excited to introduce the first part of Kayden's series remastered! I have lots of exciting plans for this series, and if you listened to Alan's audio, the lore of Kayden's first part will make more sense hehe~ But nonetheless, I hope you're all excited for his new series! Also, I apologize if you were expecting this series to be M4M. Kayden's original series was M4A and I wanted to keep that in this series as well, so I hope this won't bother you guys too much ;3; As always, and and all feedback is appreciated! Kayden's Character Art is drawn by the wonderful artist Snowy! Link to their Twitter is down below! 🤍 Songs Used Licensed By Epidemic Sound! sorry i was bitter - Filthy The Kid |🤍 2AM Drive - Filthy The Kid | 🤍 Faster Car - Loving Caliber | 🤍 If I Was Your Girlfriend - Mondays | 🤍 My Links — 🤍 ∩^ω^∩ If you enjoy my content and would like to support me, a Ko-fi could certainly keep me up in the morning ~v~ 🤍 Improv "Script", Editing, and Thumbnail is all created and done by me. #asmr #maleasmr #audiorp #m4a #cute

How to Convert .m4a Files to .wav or .mp3


Thank you for watching! Download Itunes: 🤍 Follow me on social media: Instagram: 🤍_benhong Sound Cloud: 🤍bhongsession 🤍 https:// soundcloud.com/bhongsession

[M4A] Fond Beyond Furiosity | ASMR [Villain x Anti-Hero][Kissing]


Would you let me give you a kiss to save you? "Villain Narrator's relationship with Anti-Hero Listener has always been complicated; sometimes they're on the same side, sometimes they're directly opposing each other. No matter what they're fighting for, though, they're never able to stay untangled from each other's affairs for too long. Given their long history together, they've gotten in several strange situations together. Unfortunately for Narrator, Listener has decided to confront them on a certain event Narrator didn't know that Listener even remembered. A while in their past, Narrator - who has always considered their power of Lifeforce Transfer to be useless - used their power to transfer some of their own life to Listener, saving them. Now that Listener has brought this up, some more things may come to light that may explain why Narrator saved Listener." - Summary from u/Softlikestatic Hi there! My name is Kei, and I'm your Comfy Angel Boio VTuber! I'm primarily live as a variety streamer on Twitch, but I'll also be uploading ASMR VA works here on Youtube! I hope you enjoy! Please check out my other content if you'd like, and Like the video and Subscribe if you would like to see more! Script written by u/softlikestatic on Reddit! Art by OatChamp on Twitter Follow Kei! Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Discord: 🤍

[M4A] Sitting On Your Worried Boyfriend's Lap ~ ASMR Audio Roleplay


Um.. yeah, sure you can sit on my lap.. ~ Hello everyone! Happy new year! I hope you enjoy this audio, I have a lot more in store this year. Thank you as always for your support 🖤 ~ Art credit to: sangledhere on Twitter, as well as: 🤍 You can contact me here: theodysseyasmr🤍gmail.com (Nothing inappropriate please, mainly for scripts/video requests and collabs) I also have an Instagram I barely use: odysseyasmr ~ If you see this, tell me one of your favorite meals or snacks!

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