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Building a soundscape with Malay


Full video available exclusively on 🤍 A sneak peek of Malay's 'Producing A Track' series in which he creates ambiance by adding organ and synth parts to Iris' single 'Them'. We're delighted to bring you another series with the immensely talented producer Malay! Filmed at his memorable 2019 seminar, this documents the process of him recording, producing, and performing on the song 'Them' by singer-songwriter Iris. Malay speaks of the project's origins and inspiration, then explains how he wishes to develop it emotionally, musically, and sonically. He records a simple guide track, then gets to work on building a soundscape of modulating synth lines, atmospheric guitar sounds, lush organ, heavily distorted drums, and more. He describes how the drums were tracked prior at Larrabee Studios, sharing his microphone techniques and preferences. All other parts are recorded at Studios La Fabrique, then creatively processed using a variety of plug-ins to apply drastic tonal, dynamic, and time-based manipulation. You'll witness how Malay builds a production quickly and impulsively by incorporating his unique workflow, empathising with the artist, and experimenting freely!

U19 VN Giành Chức Vô Địch, Truyền Thông Malay Ngập Lụt Nước Mắt | Bất Ngờ Ca Ngợi VN


U19 VN Giành Chức Vô Địch, Truyền Thông Malay Ngập Lụt Nước Mắt | Bất Ngờ Ca Ngợi VN ► TIN NHANH BÓNG ĐÁ - Tin Tức Bóng Đá Việt Nam. ✅Đội Tuyển Việt Nam - Vòng Loại world cup 2022, AFF Cup ✅U22 Việt Nam - U23 Châu Á Việt Tiếp Những Giấc Mơ 👉Cám Ơn Quí Vị Và Các Bạn Luôn Tin Tưởng và Đồng Hành với Kênh! - * Kênh TIN NHANH BÓNG ĐÁ không sở hữu tất cả các tư liệu trong video mà tuân thủ luật bản quyền và sử dụng hợp lý luật Fair-Use (🤍 © Bản quyền thuộc về TIN NHANH BÓNG ĐÁ ☞ “Xin Đừng Reup” XIN TRÂN TRỌNG CÁM ƠN! #doituyenvietnam2021 #vongloaiworldcup2022 #RoadtoQatar2022 #AsianQualifiers #hlvpark #bongdavietnam #parkhangseo #tinbongda #khoanhkhacbongda

Speak Malay Like a Local - Lesson 1: How Are You?


For notes, click here: 🤍 Apa khabar? How are you? Baik, sihat. Good, healthy. I am Malay and I was born, raised and still live in Malaysia. This is the first video in a series of many to come, so if there is something specific you would like to know how to say, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to come up with a video for you! As always, any constructive comments about how to make the videos better is appreciated. Please like, share the video and subscribe to Sierralisse YouTube channel: 🤍 It's the biggest kind of support to me! Join a supportive community of Malay learners here: 🤍 Some credentials, I am Malay and I was born, raised and still live in Malaysia. Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Tags: How to Say in Malay, How to Pronounce in Malay, Malay Tutorial, Malay for Beginners, Conversational Malay, Practical Malay, Colloquial Malay, Functional Malay, Speak Malay Like a Local, Learn Malay, Malay Language, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Malaysia, Informal Malay, Malaysia #HowtoSayinMalay #HowtoPronounceinMalay #MalayTutorial #MalayforBeginners #ConversationalMalay #PracticalMalay #ColloquialMalay #FunctionalMalay #SpeakMalayLikeaLocal #LearnMalay #MalayLanguage #BahasaMelayu #BahasaMalaysia #InformalMalay #Malaysia

Oddbods Fun At The Carnival | Cute Cartoons for Kids @Oddbods Malay


►Langgan untuk menonton Episod Oddbods Baharu setiap minggu: 🤍 🔥 Untuk Menonton Lebih Banyak Senarai Audio Video Lucu Oddbods🔥 ► Episod Baharu: 🤍 ► Episod Penuh: 🤍 ► Mainan Oddbods dan banyak lagi terdapat di Amazon ➤🤍 Kartun lucu ini menampilkan 7 rakan berbulu ketika mereka ketawa dan belajar melalui kehidupan seharian. Salah satu kartun paling lucu untuk kanak-kanak; anda akan ketawa terbahak-bahak! 7 warna ODDBODS: Newt - merah jambu - penyayang dan baik hati Jeff - ungu - suka membersih dan pengemas Pogo - biru - suka bermain, suka bermuslihat Fuse- merah - sasa dan bersemangat waja Zee - hijau - suka makan dan tidur Slick - oren - kucing yang hebat, suka berparti Bubbles - kuning - pintar, suka sains dan penemuan #oddbods #OddbodsMalay #oddbodsrasmi #oddbods2022 #episodpenuhoddbods #kartunoddbods #kartunoddbods #episodbaharu #episodbaharuoddbods►Langgan untuk menonton Episod Oddbods Baharu setiap minggu: 🤍 🔥 Untuk Menonton Lebih Banyak Senarai Audio Video Lucu Oddbods🔥 ► Episod Baharu: 🤍 ► Episod Penuh: 🤍 ► Mainan Oddbods dan banyak lagi terdapat di Amazon ➤🤍 Kartun lucu ini menampilkan 7 rakan berbulu ketika mereka ketawa dan belajar melalui kehidupan seharian. Salah satu kartun paling lucu untuk kanak-kanak; anda akan ketawa terbahak-bahak! 7 warna ODDBODS: Newt - merah jambu - penyayang dan baik hati Jeff - ungu - suka membersih dan pengemas Pogo - biru - suka bermain, suka bermuslihat Fuse- merah - sasa dan bersemangat waja Zee - hijau - suka makan dan tidur Slick - oren - kucing yang hebat, suka berparti Bubbles - kuning - pintar, suka sains dan penemuan #oddbods #OddbodsMalay #oddbodsrasmi #oddbods2022 #episodpenuhoddbods #kartunoddbods #kartunoddbods #episodbaharu #episodbaharuoddbods

Sida loo sameyo kaluun /malay macaan ?????


kaluun/ malay /sifudud /o macaan /lo kariyay

Easy Malay 9 - What makes you happy?


Learn Malay with Easy Malay: Tahirah finds out what makes people in Kuala Lumpur happy :D — JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: 🤍 🤍 SUPPORT OUR PROJECT: 🤍 ALL INFO: 🤍 — Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews. We also use this format to expose our street culture abroad and create a more diverse image of our countries. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English. Host: Tahirah Sirat Video: Faris Ideris Proofreader: Viktor Sekowski Co-produder: Daniel Ideris”

Music Production: The Creative Process with Malay


Grammy®-winning producer Malay (Lorde, Frank Ocean, Sam Smith) reveals his creative music production workflow, start to finish. Watch more artist masterclasses and courses here: 🤍 Highlights: 00:29 Developing small ideas into powerful themes that help bring the artist’s vision to life 02:12 Discovering, dissecting, and reconstructing melodies and vocal hooks 07:50 The lost artform of the bassline you can sing 09:18 Using drums & percussion for a surprising vibe; Referencing traditional influences in non-traditional ways 14:30 Playing with adlibs to create ear candy “effects”; Using space to create powerful vocals 22:22 Malay’s Lead Vocal Chain for raw, honest vocals that preserve the spirit of the artist’s original vision; Adding emotion-driven automation to effects for a human feel 27:00 Drawing from unexpected inspirations can help you find a new sound that hits in the same way as your inspirations without sounding like everyone else Plugins used in this video: PuigChild Compressor: 🤍 Renaissance Vox: 🤍 C4 Multiband Compressor: 🤍 Manny Marroquin EQ: 🤍 Manny Marroquin Triple D: 🤍 Song used in this video: “Gemini Amor” Performed by Yoandri Written by Malay and Yoandri Produced by Malay Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 For more information, please visit our website: 🤍 #Malay #MusicProduction #WavesAudio

top hit malay song 2019


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Learn before Sleeping - Malay (native speaker) - with music


Learn before Sleeping - Malay (native speaker) - with music = Subscribe = 🤍 ▼▼▼ More Videos ▼▼▼ 🤍 #LearningPhrases Help me and subscribe 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ▼▼▼ More Videos ▼▼▼ Albanian 🤍 Arabic 🤍 Bulgarian 🤍 German 🤍 Spanish 🤍 French 🤍 Italian 🤍 Japanese 🤍 Portuguese 🤍 Romanian 🤍 Russian 🤍 Chinese 🤍

juan karlos - Malay (Lyric Video)


Music video by juan karlos performing Malay (Lyric Video). © 2020 MCA Music, Inc. 🤍

How Different Are Indonesian and Malay?!


In this video we'll examine the differences between Malay and Indonesian. Are they different enough to be considered different languages? * Are you learning Indonesian? Click the link to get a free account at IndonesianPod101: 🤍 (Note: if you upgrade to a premium plan, Langfocus receives a small referral fee that helps support this channel.!) Well, modern Indonesian and modern Malay (including the Malaysian, Bruneian, and Singaporean varieties) all developed from a slightly older form of Malay. Indonesian was the Malay language until 1928 when Indonesian nationalists gave it the name "Indonesian" so that it could help unify their nation. Since then, Indonesian has developed in one direction, and Malay in other countries has developed in another direction, so that they are no longer exactly the same. But not so much time has passed, so they are very similar to each other, especially in their standard forms. Whether or not they are a single language is up for debate, and depends partly on whether you focus mainly on the standard languages or spoken dialects. Special thanks to Irfan Radzman for his Malay samples and valuable information, and Enrile Fariz for his Indonesian samples and feedback! 1:13 - 1:19 contains a map image originally from lazardi wong jogya's video: 🤍 Support Langfocus on Patreon: 🤍 Special thanks to these current patrons: Andres Resendez Borgia, Anjo Barnes, Auguste Fields, Behnam Esfahbod, Bennett Seacrist, Brandon Gonzalez, Brian Michalowski, Clark Roth, Fiona de Visser, Georgina Toland, Guillermo Jimenez, Jacob Madsen, John Moffat, Marcelo Loureiro, Matthew Etter, Michael Arbagi, Michael Cuomo, Nobbi Lampe-Strang, Patrick W., Paul Boychuk, Rosalind Resnick, Ruben Sanchez Jr, Sebastian Langshaw, ShadowCrossZero, Victoria Goh, Vincent David, Yuko Sunda, [APG]RoboCop[CL], Adam Fitch, Adam Powell, Adam Vanderpluym, Alberto del Angel, Alex Hanselka, Ali Muhammed Alshehri, Andrew Hopkins, Andrew Woods, Angeline Biot, Aous Mansouri, Artur Kondrashin, Ashley Dierolf, Atsushi Yoshida, Avital Levant, Bartosz Czarnotta, Brent Warner, Brian Begnoche, Brian Morton, Bron X, Bruce Schultz, Bruce Stark, Bruno Filippi, Carl saloga, Charis T'Rukh, Chelsea Boudreau, Christian Langreiter, Christopher Lowell, David Anglin, David LeCount, Diane Young, divad, Divadrax, Don Ross, Donald Tilley, Duha54rus, Edward Wilson, Elzbieta Koziel, Eric Loewenthal, Erin Robinson Swink, fatimahl, Florian Breitwieser, Gary Walker, Grace Wagner, Gus Polly, Hannes Egli, Harry Kek, Henri Saussure, Ina Mwanda, Jack Jackson, James and Amanda Soderling, James Lillis, Jay Bernard, Jens Aksel Takle, JESUS FERNANDO MIRANDA BARBOSA, JK Nair, JL Bumgarner, John Masucci, Justin Faist, Kevin J. Baron, Klaw117, Konrad, Kristian Erickson, Laura Morland, Leo Barudi, Lincoln Hutton, Lorraine Inez Lil, M.Aqeel Afzal, Mahmoud Hashemi, Margaret Langendorf, Maria Comninou, Mariana Bentancor, Mark, Mark Grigoleit, Mark Kemp, Maurice Chou, Merrick Bobb, Michael Regal, Mike Frysinger, mimichi, Mohammed A. Abahussain, Nicholas Gentry, Nicole Tovar, Oleksandr Ivanov, Oto Kohulák, Panot, Patriot Nurse, Pauline Pavon, Paulla Fetzek, Peter Andersson, Peter Nikitin, Peter Scollar, Pomax, Raymond Thomas, Renato Paroni de Castro, Rick Gerritzen, Rob Hoskins, Robert Sheehan, Robert Williams, Roland Seuhs, Ronald Brady, Saffo Papantonopoulou, Samuel Croes, Scott Irons, Scott Russell, Sergio Pascalin, Shoji AKAO, Sierra Rooney, Simon Blanchet, Spartak Kagramanyan, Steeven Lapointe, Stefan Reichenberger, Suzanne Jacobs, Teodor Bordei, Theophagous, Thomas Chapel, Tomáš Pauliček, Tryggurhavn, veleum, William O Beeman, William Shields, yasmine jaafar. Video chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:47 The historical connection between Malay and Indonesian 01:58 Historical spelling differences between Malay and Indonesian 02:32 Different colonial loanwords in Malay and Indonesian 05:28 Other differences in everyday vocabulary 10:21 Informal Malay and Indonesian: Sentence 1 breakdown 14:20 Informal Malay and Indonesian: Sentence 2 breakdown 16:10 Final comments 17:18 The Question of the Day Music Main: “Gisele Revisited” By South London Hi-Fi Outro: “Time Illusionist” by Asher Fulero.

Speak Conversational Malay in 5 minutes - Learn Malay


Simple conversational Malay to get you started and feeling comfortable with the pronunciation. The Language House : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍thelanguagehousepj Download the pdf lesson : 🤍

Malay Overview AoE2


Analysis of the bonuses, units, and techs of the Malay from AoE2 Rise of the Rajas expansion. 1:00 Team bonus: Docks +100% LOS 1:50 Advance to Ages +80% faster 5:15 Fish traps -33% 5:30 Fish traps provide unlimited food (comparison vs farms) 7:35 Malay creating fish traps for allies? 8:00 Battle Elephants 30% cheaper 9:30 Unique Unit: Karambit Warrior 12:00 Forced Levy: Militia-line costs no gold 13:00 Thalassocracy: Docks upgraded to harbors TECH TREE 14:45 Archers B+ 15:20 Infantry A 16:00 Cavalry C 16:50 Siege B+ 17:25 Navy A- (A early; B+ post-imp) 18:00 Monks A- 18:30 Defences B 18:55 Economy B+ 19:30 Closing Thoughts Facebook: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Full intro song: 🤍 Background music from Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, and Rise the Rajas expansions

Daniel Padilla - Malay Ko (Lyrics)(The Hows of Us OST)


Daniel Padilla - Malay Ko (Lyrics)(The Hows of Us OST) Words and Music by Joey Marquez & Jem Florendo Arranged by Jem Florendo Produced by Roque "Rox" B. Santos Vocal Production by Gabriel Tagadtad and Rox Santos Recorded by Rox Santos Mixed and Mastered by Boggie Manipon at Bellhaus Studios Published By Star Songs Subscribe to the Star Music channel! 🤍 #TheHowsOfUs #MalayKo #DanielPadilla - - - - - - - - - - - - Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Malay X Asion - Asesinarlos (Official Audio)


Written & Performed by Marlay&Asion Prod By:Trinibaby Mixed & Mastered By:Trinibaby Follow Malay:🤍 Follow Trinibaby:🤍 Follow Jayed:🤍 Follow Asion:🤍 #asesinarlos #mysticaltituderiddim #trinibad #marlay #asion #sicarios

Zonguldak’ın yöresel malay tarifi💯Malay nasıl yapılır❓


Zonguldak ‘in yöresel malay tarifi💯Malay nasıl yapılır❓ #zonguldakyöreselmalaytarifi#malaynasılyapılır#kedibatmaz 1 su bardağı mısır unu biraz daha çabuk Kıvam almasını isterseniz mısır ununu iki su bardağı ilave edin 3 su bardağı su 1,5 çay kaşığı tuz Kıyma tereyağı pul biber

Racial Matters With Malay Singaporeans | On The Red Dot | Who We Are, What We Eat - Part 2


Host Haresh Tilani explores Malay cuisine and culture, when he goes to lunch with a celebrity, a chef, and a politician. First on the menu is Nasi Rawon, the favourite dish of actress and host, Munah Bagharib. Over a meal that brings back childhood memories for her, Munah shares what it is like to be a minority in media. Then, it is on to a feast of Nasi Padang with Haikal Johari, Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Alma. Haikal recounts his culinary journey and return to his roots, while also sharing stories about his mixed marriage. The final lunch is shared with Minister Maliki Osman, who regales Haresh with tales of his childhood. Over a meal of Tahu Telur and Ikan Bakar, the two diners discuss the relevance of the CMIO model, and whether racial quotas in the Group Representation Constituency (GRC) system gives minority politicians an advantage. = About On The Red Dot: CNA's weekly programme documents the stories of ordinary Singaporeans and celebrates their resilience, identity and sense of belonging. = On The Red Dot playlist: 🤍 #CNAInsider #OnTheRedDot #Singapore #Minority #Malay For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! 🤍 Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Can Singaporean Malays speak Malay? (Prank)


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Check out what we did with brothers Hafiz & Shafie Aziz from UXM during out visit to the bustling Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar! Do remember to Like and Subscribe to our channel if you like this video! UXM : 🤍 Like us on Facebook!: 🤍 Our instagram: 🤍jmiah_c 🤍nokidsjustkittens 🤍geraldohmygod clothing sponsor : Flesh Imp End credit music : XVAN

How Frank Ocean producer Malay creates lo-fi textures


Explore the Arturia V Collection: 🤍 Get some FREE $H!T: 🤍 Malay (Frank Ocean, Lorde, Amine) is known for the vintage, warm soundscapes of lo-fi he brings to his productions, a signature he's crafted in works like Blonde or Channel Orange. His textures are due in no small part to the Arturia V Collection, with its candy store of faithful vintage synthesizer recreations popping up in nearly every track he's ever done. To celebrate the release of the full V Collection and his pack on Splice, join us in Malay's studio as he walks us through how he creates his signature sound and plays with a few of his favorite patches (like the VOX Continental Organ or the Minimoog) from V Collection. Arturia V Collection 7 has 24 instruments in total featuring recreations of iconic instruments such as the Mellotron, Synthi AKS, Jupiter 8, Buchla Music Easel, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Modular Moog & many more. Get the Malay sample pack: 🤍 #frankocean #malay #lofi

DAAWO SIDA ugu fudud aad u samesan karto malay


Shukri masala

Malaysian language - Spoken malay to Bengali - Malay course in Bangla - Best Malay words meaning


Malaysian language - Spoken malay to Bengali - Malay course in Bangla - Best Malay words meaning

Local Malaysian Feast! - Asking Malay Taxi Drivers Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur


How To Cook Lunch For 800 People in Guangzhou, China → 🤍 Join the notification squad! Click the BELL icon to get updated as soon as a video is uploaded. New video every Wednesday! About This Episode: This is my first video in a four video series covering Malaysian food in Kuala Lumpur! Location 1: Nasi Lemak - 🤍 IDK, I'll fill this info in tmw. I need to sleep. Night night. Come say hi on: INSTAGRAM → 🤍 FACEBOOK → 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Support My Channel: Patreon is a platform that allows people to support creators on a recurring basis. Your contribution is an investment in creative freedom. Your generous donation will allow me the time and resources to create more videos for you. → 🤍 Disclaimer: If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.

Lagu Melayu Baru 2021 Terkini - Top Hits Malay Song 2021 Terbaharu


Lagu Melayu Baru 2021 Terkini - Top Hits Malay Song 2021 Terbaharu 🤍 🔔 I do not own the copyrigth of this song, and did not fund the making of this song. All credits go to the singer and the Label music. 🎀 Don't forget to buy the original song, this is just a preview. 🔴 Support their group to continue a career in the music world !!



🤍 I started writing this song way back in 2007 during my senior year in law school, right before the bar exams. Got to finish it in 2008 when I was already a lawyer, playing the part, in a big law firm. It was a time when I found myself at a crossroads. Should I pursue a law career or just go with my gut and be a musician? Conventional wisdom would suggest that I go the safe route. "Be a lawyer. Times are hard and you're lucky enough to have a job that pays well." That's what the old folks say. They have a point. Only, I believe that life must be spent doing something that makes you come alive. I believe that there's more to this than just breathing, eating, and accumulating. That's not what life is for me. I mean, back then, I was in a real soul killer. And I wouldn't want that for myself or for anyone else, actually. This is a song about that moment before taking the huge step, about choosing life, about leaving everything behind to follow your heart and fulfill your passion. HALINA Halina't sumabay sa kalayaan ng gabi Ako ay tulad mo Nakatingin, aabutin, nagniningning mga bituin Ilang daang buwan na ba ang pinalipas mo? Naghahanda ba o tuluyan ka nang sumusuko Papayag ba na malimutan na ang alab ng puso Akala mo may bukas pa Oras ay tumatakbo, Papalayo sa iyo Saglit lang ang buhay Saglit lang Halina't sumabay sa kalayaan ng gabi Ako ay tulad mo Nakatingin, aabutin, nagniningning mga bituin Heto na, wala nang ibang panahon Ang pagkakataon ay laging nasa ngayon Limutin mo na ang lahat Nandito na ang sa iyo Minsan lang ang buhay Minsan lang Halina't sumabay sa kalayaan ng gabi Ako ay tulad mo Nakatingin, aabutin, nagniningning mga bituin Halina't sumabay sa kalayaan ng gabi Ang mga luha natin ay nagniningning mga bituin

Malay’s (Frank Ocean) 4 Tips to Level Up Your Music Production | Splice Skills


Watch the full lesson on Splice Skills: 🤍 Get Splice Sounds: 🤍 Splice on Discord: 🤍 Master producer Malay (Frank Ocean, John Legend, Zayn) brings his Grammy award-winning skills to the Splice set to show how he creates lofi sounds inside digital hardware. The lesson is more than just a plugin parade—it's an inside look into how Malay builds tracks, from chords progressions, beats, basslines, and finally, arrangement. Call it an insider's take on the working methods of one of the world's great producers. #malay #musicproduction #producertips #spliceskills #lofi #splice #sampling Malay’s (Frank Ocean) 4 Tips to Level Up Your Music Production | Splice Skills



#Bestlagu malaysia #Terpopuler #Lagukenangan Sepanjang masa #hits lagu Malaysia

Haikal | Malaysian Short Film (ENG and MALAY SUBTITLES)


A story about a young boy who discovers that he is being shunned for being different from his classmates. Is it his fault for being different? Watch to find out what happens next. - Links to follow ! 🤍 🤍 Business enquires contact us : csbrotv🤍 Stalking Purposes: Jiven Sekar 🤍 Caleb Lim 🤍 - Cast and Crew List : STORY BY SUZANNE ONG DIRECTOR AND EDITOR JIVEN SEKAR PRODUCER BY JIVEN SEKAR SCREENPLAY BY JIVEN SEKAR SUZANNE ONG DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY CALEB LIM FONG KIN SECOND CAM OP CHEE YONG ART DIRECTOR AARON WONG PRODUCTION ASSITANTS KAYLA LISYNN DIVYA SEKAR AUDIO AND BOOM RYAN CHIN STARRING Syed M. Irfan as Haikal Chia Ee Lyn as Hui Yi Reymi Tham as Ben Adam Darwisyh as Danish Aidiel Zariq as Danish JOLENE JOURNE TAN as Mother ABDUL MUADZ as Father Jiven Sekar as Teacher EXTRAS Muhammad Fareez Najmie Muhammad Farhan Nazr Muhammad Fairuz Afandi Auni Haidah Nur Qistina Izzati Nur Aimi Diyana SPECIAL THANKS BENADICT LAZAROO JONATHAN TOH WARDROBE COLE THOW MAKE UP CHLOE CHU MUSIC INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSITION BY Ryuuga Wai Leong CHRIS M. YONG (HELLO’S OST) Kenson Somewhere Like This (Original Short Film Soundtrack) 🤍 Song Used “Lagu”  Artist : Bedroom Sanctuary Written, Composed & Produced by : Bo Amir Iqram Original Publisher: Nacho Usual Collective (Warner Chappell Music (M) Sdn Bhd) Lagu (Cover) Artist : Talitha Tan ft. Ali Aiman We would like to apologise if we missed out anyone. Thank you for reading till here. We love you. Thank you for watching. Please help us make this viral by sharing it with ur friends and family. We love you!

Malay - Chubble (Official Audio)


Official Audio for New Single titled - (Chubble) by Trinidadian Dancehall Artiste Malay Produced by: Chef Written by: Malay Mix & Mastered by: Eli Artwork by: Jayed Audio visuals by: Jayed Follow: Malay 🤍 Chef 🤍 Eli 🤍 Jayed 🤍 #Malay #Chubble #StarfireRiddim #Trinibad #Dancehall ©The Embassy ™ Music in this video Song Chubble Artist Malay Album Starfire Riddim Licence to Youtube by The Embassy

Who is the best at their Mother Tongue? : *MALAY* vs tamil vs chinese


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Basic Malaysian language [Praktikal] | Learning Bangla to Malay language |


It is very important to know the basic Malaysian language for every single foreigner who stay in Malaysia . This video on Malaysian language learning is a very useful video for beginners. In this video Malaysian language and some more basic and important words are taught directly and practically. So welcome to easy Bangla to Malay . Let's learning Malaysian language. (Bangla to Malay) #learning_malay_to_bangla #basic_malaysian_languase মালাই ভাষাতে পশু পাখির নাম 🤍 মালয়েশিয়ান ভাষায় মাছের নাম 🤍 শাকসবজি 🤍 মসলার নাম 🤍 গোপন রোগ ব্যাধি সম্পর্কে ডাক্তারকে যেভাবে বুঝিয়ে বলবেন... 🤍 মালয়েশিয়ান ভাষায় সকল রোগ ব্যাধি সমূহ। 🤍 কিভাবে প্রশ্ন করবেন না এবং বোঝাবেন???? 🤍 টক-ঝাল-মিষ্টি 🤍 মালাই ভাষার গ্রামার এবং টেন্স সবগুলো একসাথে 🤍 মানুষের শরীরের অঙ্গ প্রতঙ্গের নাম 🤍 এরকম আরো অনেক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভিডিও পেতে চ্যানেলটি কে আপন করে নিতে পারেন। Fecbook page easy Bangla to malay 🤍 _ Email address ... mirazkhanbahasamelayu🤍 *মালয়েশিয়ার সব ধরনের আপডেট পেতে এবং সহায়তামূলক পোস্ট করতে নিচের দুইটি গ্রুপে এড হয়ে আমাদের সঙ্গে থাকুন। মালয়েশিয়ায প্রবাসী বাংলাদেশী 🤍 মালয়েশিয়া প্রবাসী help line 🤍 _ Background music taken from Audio library 🤍 ভিডিওটি শেয়ার করে আপনার প্রিয় ভাই বন্ধুদের মাঝে ছড়িয়ে দিন। এমনও হতে পারে আপনার এই একটা শেয়ারের জন্য অনেকের অনেক বড় উপকার হতে পারে।

Malay - Guard (Official Audio)


Official audio for Guard Up performed by Trinidadian dancehall artiste Malay Produced by:Chef Mixed & Mastered by:Eli Artwork by:Kory.fbe Follow Malay:🤍 Follow Chef: 🤍 Follow Eli: 🤍 Follow Kory: 🤍 #malay #guardup #maestroriddim #trinibad Music in this video Song Guard Up Artist Malay Album Maestro Riddim Licence to Youtube by The Embassy

Learn to Speak Malay Language - Malay course for foreigners - Daily using Malay to Bangla


In this video you know bangla to Malay words lists. Help to spoken malay basic. Learn to Speak Malay Language , Malay course for foreigners , Daily using Malay to Bangla. Thanks.

Street Food Malaysia 🇲🇾 NASI KERABU + Malay Food Tour in Kelantan, Malaysia!


Watch more Malaysian food videos: 🤍 Subscribe 🤍 for 2 new videos every week T-shirts and caps: 🤍 KELANTAN, MALAYSIA - If you’re looking for amazing Malaysian food, Kelantan is a state that’s unique, cultural, and has some of the best food in Malaysia. During trips to Kuala Lumpur over the years, I had tried a number of Kelantanese dishes, but that only increased my desire to eventually visit the source, to visit Kelantan, Malaysia. Finally, this was our chance, and we went on a Malaysian food tour of Kelantan, around Kota Bharu. Here’s all the amazing food we ate in this video: Nasi Kerabu Panji - Without a doubt, one of the Malaysian foods you don’t want to miss when you visit Kelantan is nasi kerabu, rice salad, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a breakfast dish and we first started at Nasi Kerabu Panji, a local favorite spot. You get blue rice, topped with salad and side dishes, drizzled in budu fermented fish sauce, and topped with you choice of main mean. It was extraordinary. Price - About 8 MYR ($1.96) per plate Jijah's Nasi Kerabu - Since nasi kerabu is one of the top Malaysian foods of the state of Kelantan, we decided to have two nasi kerabu’s back to back, but totally different styles and even different colors of rice. Jijah's Nasi Kerabu specializes in grilled goat, and it was incredible, highly recommended when you visit Kelantan, Malaysia. Price - 4.50 MYR ($1.10) per plate Siti Khadijah Market - One of the top attractions in Kota Bharu is Siti Khadijah Market, a beautiful colorful market where you can buy all the ingredients from Kelantan and there’s also an amazing cooked food section. Laksam - 3.50 MYR ($0.86) per bowl - I had a bowl of laksam, a Kelantan Malaysian food version of laksa. Akok - 1 MYR ($0.24) for 2 - Later we also tried akok, a popular and local Kelantanese dessert. D'Umi Nasi Ulam - Another Malaysian food you don’t want to miss eating in Kelantan is nasi ulam, rice with raw vegetables, and a mix of dishes, all eaten specifically with budu - fermented anchovy sauce. This restaurant was amazing, a huge mix of dishes, friendly owner, and delicious food. Of course, we couldn’t resist the tempoyak - fermented durian paste. Kak Jah Ayam Percik Bulatan Lemal - Finally to end this Malaysian street food tour of Kelantan, we had some ayam percik, a coconut milk barbecue sauce dish that originates in Kelantan. We barely arrived in time, but luckily got the last few skewers. Ayam percik - 16 MYR ($3.93) per big skewer Kelantan is an amazing state in Malaysia to eat Malaysian street food and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, the incredible food, and friendly people. Thank you for watching this Malaysian food video in Kelantan. If you haven’t already, you can watch the entire series here: 🤍 MUSIC: 🤍 CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: 🤍 Main lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Thank you for watching!

Awkward Situations Only Malays Understand


Second video in our 3-part series on casual racism, and this time it's about MALAYS! This is our take on the situation for our Malay friends in Singapore, but you gotta watch ALL THREE videos to feel the magic!!! #RacismSiewDai Watch Part 1 on Indians here ➤ 🤍 And watch Part 3 on Chinese here ➤ 🤍 Watch our other MOF vids! ➤ 🤍 The final video will be out in the next couple of days, and we'll update this description with the link the moment it goes live. In the mean time, SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL MOFos! And DISCLAIMER that the people in the video are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. So no hate on them please - they are all lovely people in real life ;) SAY HELLO TO US! Facebook ➤ 🤍 Instagram ➤ 🤍 Twitter ➤ 🤍 EMAIL For business and collaboration inquiries, hit us up at on our socials or email us directly at contact🤍 CREDITS Written and Directed by - Haresh Tilani, Terence Chia and Chng Siwei Director of Photography - Chng Siwei Sound Recordist - Muhd Hafiz bin Mohd Khalil Edited by - Terence Chia Produced by - Chng Siwei Exec Produced by - Haresh Tilani & Terence Chia FEATURING Haresh Tilani: 🤍 Fakkah Fuzz: 🤍 Loo Le En: 🤍 DJ Farz: 🤍 Audio from the awesome: 🤍 COPYRIGHT Ministry of Funny, 2017 ;)

Malaya - Touchandgo (Prod. TripMusic)


No se vaya a asustar..... Siguenos en nuestras Redes‼️ Touchandgo (Artista) 🤍 Trip Music (Productor) 🤍 EloahimRa (Audiovisual) 🤍 Vappers 🤍

Speak Malay Like A Malay - Simple dialogue


This is an updated video. Learn to speak Malay through simple dialogues.

How Malay Sounds to Native Japanese Speakers


FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM 🤍 Japanese Speaking Malay | I Practiced Malay for 3 Weeks 🤍 I might do Japanese lessons in my 2nd channel 🤍 * BUSINESS INQUIRY via IG Or Gmail 【IG】🤍 【Gmail】motoaki.hh🤍 *

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