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Top 10 Places To Visit In Norway


Norway is one of the most amazing countries in the world. From the massive Fjords to the Sea Mountains of Lofoten, Norway offers so much variety and diversity! I've been lucky enough to explore Norway and I want to show you my favorite places! Where is you're favorite place in Norway? Check out my website for free luts and stock footage - 🤍 Follow me on tiktok and instagram 🤍shirley.films My Travel Videos: Top 10 Places in Scandinavia - 🤍 Top 10 Places In The UK - 🤍 Top 5 Places in Northern Norway - 🤍 Top 10 Places in Spain - 🤍 Top 10 Places In The Alps - 🤍 Top 10 Places in Europe - 🤍 Top 10 Travel Experiences - 🤍 Top 10 places in Switzerland - 🤍 Top 10 Places In Greece - 🤍 Top 10 Places in Scandinavia - 🤍 Song: Ocean by Ehrling 🤍

Norway නැන්දම්මා බලන්න ගියා. visiting victoria's family in Tønsberg.Norway life.#visitnorway #travel


norway life, visiting Victorias family in Tønsberg . #visitnorway #norway #europe #travelineurope my insta . dhanush.norge. my fb . Dhanushka B gunasekara. Music . Artlist music(Earth and Heaven) camara gears. canon m50, go pro hero 10 & 7 dji mavic air 2 edited on Finalcut Pro

DON'T MOVE TO NORWAY! 11 REASONS Why You Should NEVER Move to and Live in Norway


You should never ever move to Norway. I have at least 11 reasons why you should think twice before you decide to live in Norway. ⏱⏱⏱ TIME CODES: 00:00 Welcome to Deserted Norway on Sunday - every Sunday in Norway is like this 01:22 1️⃣ Learning Norwegian Language 02:35 2️⃣ Climate in Norway 04:50 3️⃣ Weather in Norway changes all the time 05:31 4️⃣ Outdoor Activities in Norway 06:35 5️⃣ You will have to WORK HARD 07:50 6️⃣ Norwegian food & Norwegian Ingredients 08:45 7️⃣ Norway is NOT a PARTY CULTURE 10:23 8️⃣ Smoking & Drinking in Norway 11:38 9️⃣ Missing your friends & family 12:20 🔟 Never complain in Norway (to the strangers on the bus) 13:17 1️⃣1️⃣ You will never become 100% Norwegian 📍 1 - Learning new language - Norwegian is a rare language. If you think about it, the population of Norway is 5 million 747 thousand people. And those people speak 3 official language of Norway: Nynorsk Bolmål And Sami So if you are not willing to study Norwegian and start learning it well in advance - you better don’t move to Norway. 📍 2 - Adjusting to the new climate I’m getting this question a lot - how can you handle winter in Norway? My usual answer is - I can handle it with no issues and with a great pleasure! 📍 3 - You are weather dependant Like you can’t work or you can’t create when the sun doesn’t shine. That’s different. And you’ll have to change your attitude I’m afraid. As the weather in Norway might change 10 times a day - especially autumn and spring time. And it’s gona be much shorter days winter time. 📍4 - You don’t like outdoor activities. In Norway people spend their time outdoors all year around. Summer is ideal for hiking, winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The house is just a hub to pack your lunch and discuss your future outdoor adventures. 📍5 - You will have to work hard. Much harder than you worked in your country of origin. If in your own country you are native, in any new country you will be a guest for a long time. And you will need to invest into society first to be accepted there and win your own place there 📍 6 - You will miss your local food and ingredients In Norway you will have to learn how to cook from local ingredients. Norwegian ingredients are not bad at all! Check local supermarkets in Norway and find exactly what you like 📍 7 - You will not party as you used to in Norway I repeat it’s not a party culture! Party in Norway is happening different way - every Saturday or Sunday if you go hiking you’ll meet a lot of people doing the same. That’s where Norwegian party and social life happening - outdoors! Also we are having dinners with friends here. But that dinner will be with much less alcohol compare to some other European countries and most probably by 10pm everyone will go back home. 📍8 - You are smoking It’s bad anywhere in the world but in Norway it’s also insanely expensive. Let’s have a look at maths: 1 pack of Marlboro red is NOK = US Dollars If you smoke even a half pack a day, 1 year of smoking in Norway will cost you about €2 555 📍9 - You will miss your family and friends That’s 100% and you cannot do much about it. But remember, this is your choice to change the country so you are the only to be responsible for your decision. Advice here: regular visits - both sides combined with modern technology- face time, teams. I know it’s not the same but it’s a part of the process and you have to be prepared for it. 📍10 - If you like complaining to strangers- especially on the bus, if you like judging people and always know best how they should behave and what they should wear, if you can’t deal with your curiosity and keep asking everyone around why they don’t have kids yet or when they are planning to get married and it seems it too late anyway - you better don’t come to Norway. 📍 11 - You will never be Norwegian. Let me put it this way: you will never adjust yourself 100%. You’ll always have an accent - if you are moving the countries at the age of 20 and above - 99% you’ll have an accent. It’s not your nationality what makes you special, it’s your own actions. 📸 My Filming Gear: SONY ZV1 - BEST Vlogging Camera - 🤍 SONY GRIP TRIPOD - 🤍 RØDE Vlogging Mic - 🤍 GoPro HERO 9 🤍 GoPro Remote Control 🤍 GoPro Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand 🤍 AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won't put anything here that I haven't verified and/or personally used myself. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 🆓 DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT TRAVEL TO NORWAY, living in Norway or travel in general? Send me a message, I’ll be happy to help 🤗 Stay in touch! Stay safe! Be happy! #norway #livinginnorway #norwaytravel

How Norway Got Insanely Rich


Sponsored by Blinkist: Use my special link to start your free 7 day trial with Blinkist and get 25% off a Premium membership: 🤍 Norway is one of the Richest Nations on Earth, but its not exactly obvious why. Its large quantities of oil may be your first conclusion, but most oil rich small nations suffer from severe economic and social issues. How did Norway avoid the oil curse to become the economic powerhouse it is today and does Norway possess the perfect economy? Support the Channel! 🤍 Contents of this video 00:00 - Norway's Humble Beginnings 01:01 - Second Richest Nation on Earth 02:38 - The Dutch Disease/Oil Curse 04:55 - Catching up to its Neighbors 08:25 - Let there be Oil 09:53 - Why Norway Turned out Differently 12:11 - Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund 14:03 - The Perfect Economy? Sources used- - Trillion Dollar Baby: How Norway Beat the Oil Giants and Won a Lasting Fortune By Paul Cleary - The Norwegian Economy 1900-2000: From Rags to Riches A brief history of economic policymaking in Norway - The Economic History of Norway Ola Honningdal Grytten, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration -The Wealth of a Nation: Road to Prosperity BY Ola Honningdal Grytten -🤍 -🤍 #NorwayEconomy #NorwayRich #Economics #CasualScholar

Norway 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film with Calming Music


Norway is one of the most scenic countries in the world. Enjoy this 4K relaxation film across the Norway's most beautiful regions. From the endless Fjords to the stunning Lofoten Islands, Norway's landscapes have so much to offer. Special to Simon Braeck for helping with footage. He has a great channel with plenty of videos from Norway - 🤍 My other Relaxation films: Nordics Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Scotland Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 United Kingdom Film 4K - 🤍 Alps Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Madeira FPV Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Winter Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Faroe Islands Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Hawaii Relaxation Film 4K - 🤍 Where I get my music - 🤍 Great Place for Stock footage - 🤍 Free stock footage, guides & luts - 🤍 My Camera Gear - 🤍

Geography Now! NORWAY


Ahhh the land of the ....never ending and / or never rising sun. Check out 🤍 ! You asked for merch so we made it for you! We now have a Public mailbox too! Feel free to send anything via mail! Our public mailbox address is: 1905 N Wilcox ave, # 432 Los Angeles CA, 90068 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 BTS info and tidbits? Check out the Facebook fan page: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Become a patron! Donate to help pay for production of GN including Ken's salary. You also get exclusive BTS footage, pics/ and access to other perks! Go to: 🤍 WATCH MORE: Countries A to Z: 🤍 Europe: 🤍 - Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road. CONTACT US if you are from a country that is coming up! Teach us! Email: GeographyLater🤍 Stay cool Stay tuned and remember, this is Earth, your home. Learn about it. #Norway #Travel #info #Cool #Europe

10 Best Places to Visit in Norway - Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video: 🤍 From its majestic mountains and famous fjords to its modern yet picturesque cities, Norway is simply one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Picture-perfect landscapes beg to be explored by foot, car, bike or boat. Whether taking in the breathtaking wonder of the northern lights or the summer sun glistening on a massive glacier, Norway is a great adventure in any season. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Norway:

Norway. Rich and extremely beautiful.


Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel🎉. Get up to 65% OFF your subscription ➡️Here: 🤍 🥋Join the merch movement: 🤍 🎵Music : MelkuMan: 🤍 Jad Abstrock: 🤍 Pure Colors : 🤍 🔈Music libraries that I use: Find more quality music here: 🤍 An extensive library of music and sound effects that I use: 🤍 And more music you can find here: 🤍 🎥 FCPX plugins used in this episode: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Norway is one of the most developed and economically stable countries in the world. Travellers from all over the world dream of seeing: fjords, glaciers, waterfalls, and small wooden houses against the backdrop of all this. In this documentary, I tried to combine the success of the country and its beauty. And also show the unusual Norwegian prisons and how a real brown oil platform works from the inside.

Amazing Places to visit in Norway - Travel Video


Norway is always at the top of the rankings that measure the best countries in the world. Its beauty and prosperity make it one of the favorite destinations for many tourists. Are you ready to enjoy Viking culture, amazing landscapes, beautiful cities, northern lights, and the midnight sun? You will find fun for all kinds of tourists and interests when visiting this country. Stay with us and discover the best places to visit in Norway. You will not regret it! Chapters: 00:00 Why visiting Norway 00:36 Oslo 01:44 Tromsø 02:36 Lofoten and Nordland 03:17 Ålesund 04:15 Bergen 05:16 The Geiranger Fjord 05:47 Stavanger 06:38 The Trøndelag region 07:29 Southern Norway and Kristiansand 08:31 The Svalbard Islands 09:26 Reason for visiting Norway #Norway #Places #Travel

Waterfall Paling Cantik Celah Canyon Norway!


Bayangkanlah berjalan di atas canyon setinggi 600 kaki, dengan air terjun deras ke bawah yg seakan tiada penghujungnya. Terus lembik kaki kerana takut gayat. Tapi Team Norway ni nampak ok je, excited pula tu. Mungkin tengah simpan rasa takut tu. Apa pun, mari kita layankan view cantik di canyon ini. Yang tengok video kami dan kata, eh bagus lah barang diaorang pakai ni, ini link macam mana korang boleh dapatkan apa yang kami pakai dan guna masa travel : 1. Beg travel yang banyak poket dan tahan lasak Thule yang kam guna masa travel ini, kami ambil dari : 🤍 atau whatsapp team mereka 011-1063 9677 2. Di Malaysia kalau nak dapatkan koleksi terbaru Fjall Raven lihat di sini, memang confirm selesa walaupun berjalan pada cuaca sejuk : 🤍 3. Pes makanan rare sikit, kami ambil dari hotel tenera air tangan Chef Azrul, menjilat pinggan dan masak auto jadi : 🤍 4. Nak beli Rencah Mudah peri-peri pedas, beli di sini : 🤍 5. Baju melayu yang segak bergaya macam kami pakai kalau nak beli whatsapp terus (0182952692) atau contact mereka di IG : 6. Coklat dan mee segera kari nyonya kami beli dari OCOC, boleh beli terus di shopee 🤍 atau follow instagram mereka : 🤍 7. Bila travel pastikan kita standby VAPOROLL ni. memang boleh relief kan muscle kita yang tegang bila banyak berjalan beli di shopee di sini : 🤍 dan jangan lupa follow instagram mereka atau whatsapp 013-7958137 . INFO RARETV & RARECATION : Beli Merchandise RareTV macam tumblr kami, baju RareNation dll dapatkan di: 🤍 . Nak travel & collaboration dengan kami ? Hubungi team kami di sini : 🤍 . Lihat trip kami di sini : 🤍 Berminat nak join trip iceland whatsapp kami di sini : 🤍 . Subscribe dan ikuti channel ini untuk kami kongsikan lebih banyak pengalaman travel kami dan team Rarecation di sini. . Jom follow Telegram RARETV Fan Club di sini 🤍 . Instagram kami 🤍 . Facebook kami 🤍

10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Norway 4K | Norway Travel Video


10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Norway 2022 4k. Some of the best places to visit in Norway are right here in this Norway travel Video. Featuring cities in Norway such as Bergen, trondheim, Oslo, kristiansand, Alesund or natural attractions such as the Lofoten islands or fjords of Norway. So if its your first time visiting then try some of these amazing tourist destinations in Norway. Norway Travel Guide If you enjoy this video don’t forget to drop me a LIKE, COMMENT and hit that SUBSCRIBE button for the latest travel videos. And remember to ring that notification BELL to be updated whenever I release a new video. ➤ 10 Beautiful Places in Turkey - 🤍 ➤ 10 Beautiful Places in Portugal - 🤍 ➤ 25 Beautiful Places in Italy 🤍 ➤ HELPFUL LONDON VIDEOS: ➤ Where To Stay in London - 🤍 ➤ London Areas Guide (NEIGHBOURHOODS) 🤍 ➤ London Travel Guide - 🤍 ➤ FOLLOW ME! 🤍 ➤ Music by Juan Sánchez - For When It Rains - 🤍 ➤Music by Juan Sánchez - Peaceful Places - 🤍 ➤Music by Juan Sánchez - Now The Silence - 🤍 ➤ Music by Juan Sanchez - Human Rights) Artist: Juan Sánchez Artist’s Website: 🤍

Oslo Norway 🇳🇴- June - 2022 - 4K-HDR Walking Tour


Today we are taking a night walk around Oslo. Oslo is a unique city that is combined with easy access to nature. It is a great place to explore due to its unique architecture and plenty of cultural attractions. Support us by subscribing to our channel and liking our videos

Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen


Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | For Scandinavia's most thrilling sightseeing, we sail under towering fjord cliffs, hike on powerful glaciers, and find surviving traditions in remote farm hamlets. Then we delve into the Hanseatic heritage and enjoy the salty hospitality of Norway's historic capital, Bergen. © 2010 Rick Steves' Europe #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #norway

Oslo Norway 🇳🇴- February 2022 - 4K-HDR Walking Tour - (▶91min)


Oslo is a unique city which combines city life with easy access to nature. It's a great place to explore because of its unique architecture, abundant cultural attractions, great food, diverse shopping experiences, stunning scenery, healthy living and opportunities for sport. Enjoy :) *This Video Vlog is Made to show the city and the environment, if you are present on this video and you don't want to be please contact me or comment on this video and i will make sure that you are not on this video anymore.*

10 facts about Norway from avid travelers 4k. #4k #norway #relaxingmusic #travel #10facts


Every state in the world necessarily presents surprises to travelers and new residents. For example, Norway. According to experienced tourists, they discover the amazing features of this northern country every time they visit. These interesting impressions will be discussed in this post. In Norway, nature is for the people. The right to unhindered use of natural resources is regulated by a special law. But people are very careful and responsible about the world around them, although they go hiking very often. The Norwegians even have a certain word friluftsliv, which means "living in nature" Norway is famous all over the world for the amazing wealth of reservoirs. Many lovers of this hobby come here to fish. If you decide to fish in the sea and fjords, then you will not need a license, but if you want to fish in freshwater reservoirs, then please purchase a permit at post offices or on the official website. The law establishes catch standards: one person has the right to export 15 kilograms of fillets, and one more large fish. In July, life in all of Norway practically stops. Streets are emptying, many institutions are closing, kindergartens are not working. This is because almost all residents of the country go on annual vacations at this time. By law, Norwegians are entitled to five weeks of rest, three of which they must take in July. Many residents of Norway leave who goes where: some to bask in the sun in the south of Europe, others, closer to nature in the mountains. So, if you are going to Norway in July, then keep in mind that it is almost useless to apply to any institutions. And you should not come here in October and November, otherwise you will be very disappointed, because during these two months in Norway the weather is almost always very bad. There are many houses in Norway that seem to have descended from the pages of fairy tales. Grass-covered roofs appeared here at the beginning of the XIX century. Such a peat roof retains heat very well, does not overheat in the summer and provides excellent sound insulation. And a huge plus of the grass roof is that it is not afraid of almost any winds. The composition of such a roof is complex: first there is a layer of dry bark, which was smeared with sheep fat, peat was laid on top, straw was placed on it, and all this was covered with moss. The grass is constantly in need of moisture, which is facilitated by frequent precipitation in the country For those who moved to live in Norway, at first it seems that people almost do not work here. Children from children's institutions are taken away at 16 o'clock. Until about 17 o'clock, the roads and supermarkets are crowded, and then everyone goes to a family dinner. By law, a working day in Norway lasts 7.5 hours, but offices mostly work for 6-7 hours. People are released quite early, due to the fact that they start the working day, sometimes even at 7 in the morning. Sick days are taken here only for a very good reason. If a Norwegian is a little sick, he can take 3 days, and there is no need to provide any certificates to the employer. During the year, everyone has the right to twelve such "sick" days. Primary school students are taught mainly in a playful way, sometimes even whole performances are played out. If the school is located far from the child's place of residence, then a bus or taxi will take him to the place of study. Moreover, the range is considered as follows: for primary classes it is two kilometers, for older ones it is four kilometers. To instill in children a love of nature twice a week, the whole class goes hiking, sometimes even for the whole day. But there is also a big drawback in the educational process – they do not feed at all in schools. Therefore, children have to take food from home.

How They Log Trees in Norway!


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Norway and Sweden Compared


Get 50% off of your next 3 months of History Hit when you use the code "MRBEAT" at checkout: 🤍 Produced by Matt Beat. All images and video by Matt Beat, used under fair use guidelines, or found in the public domain. Music by 🤍slender beats. #compared #geography #socialstudies Subscribe to 🤍Cecilia Blomdahl! Sources/further reading: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 For business inquiries or to send snail mail to Mr. Beat: 🤍 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat merch: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat's book: 🤍 How to support Mr. Beat: Donate to Mr. Beat for great perks on Patreon: 🤍 Donate to Mr. Beat on Paypal: 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat a coffee: 🤍 “Free” ways to show support: Subscribe to my channel Turn on notifications Like, share, and comment on my videos Connect: Mr. Beat on Cameo, yo: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Reddit: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Twitter: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Facebook: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Instagram: 🤍 Mr. Beat's Discord server: 🤍 Mr. Beat's TikTok: 🤍 Mr. Beat’s website: 🤍 Mr. Beat's band: 🤍 Mr. Beat’s second channel: 🤍 Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Mr. Beat favorites: POP! Icons: George Washington 🤍 Shampoo: 🤍 Acne fighter: 🤍 Recommended books: Republic, Lost by Lawrence Lessing 🤍 Truman by David McCullough 🤍 The Ultimate American Presidential Election Book: Every Presidential Election in American History (1788-2016) by Matt Beat 🤍 How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein 🤍 Command and Control by Eric Scholosser 🤍 The Age of Fracture by Daniel Rodgers 🤍 Blowback by Chalmers Johnson 🤍 The Third Reich at War by Richard Evans 🤍 Railroaded by Richard White 🤍 The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang 🤍 A Short History of Reconstruction by Eric Foner 🤍 The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt 🤍 Studio equipment: Canon EOS M50 Camera EF-M 15-45mm Lens 🤍 Samtian LED Video Light Kit 🤍 TroyStudio Acoustic Panel 🤍 Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic 🤍 Affiliate Links: Useful Charts: 🤍 Typesy: 🤍... Kids Connect: 🤍 Ekster: 🤍?sca_ref=444709.jvl... I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: 🤍 FTC Disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links. So which is better? Sweden or Norway? As always, if you are actually FROM one of these two amazing countries, I want to hear from you. Thanks to my good friend Dan for looking over this script. Many of his ancestors came over from Norway to moved the Midwest in the 1800s.

Catching up with new Norwegians, 25 years on | Al Jazeera World Documentary


In 1996, a group of young people living in Norway were interviewed about what is meant to be Norwegian. They came from diverse backgrounds - mainly from countries in Africa and Asia - and what united them was that they all lived in Norway and spoke Norwegian. Twenty-five years later, this film tracks them down to discover how a quarter-century of living in Scandinavia has shaped their lives. The individual stories tell much about what it means to be Norwegian, particularly for those first- and second-generation arrivals. Connect with Al Jazeera World: ‣ YouTube: 🤍 ‣ Twitter: 🤍 ‣ Facebook: 🤍 ‣ Instagram: 🤍 ‣ Website: 🤍 #AlJazeeraWorld

American Reacts to Norwegian King Harald's Speech: Norway is One


Quite a few people have recommended that I watch this iconic speech from the Norwegian King Harald. I am surprised to learn the this speech actually has a name "Norway is One", which probably indicated that this speech was very important and meaningful. That is exactly why I am very excited to react, listen, and understand the message of this speech from my American point of view. If you enjoyed the video feel free to leave a comment, like, or subscribe for more!

How Norway KILLED the Petrol Car


Jack heads to the EV capital of the world to find out about Norway's electric car culture. With over 80% of new cars sold being pure EVs, Norway is miles ahead of the rest of the world as far as EV uptake goes. So how has this been achieved? What can the rest of us learn from what is being done right in Norway? And where do the '80s synth band A-Ha! fit into all of this?? 00:00 The EV capital of the world 1:43 Meet Paxster, pride of Norway! 2:46 The car that started it all 3:46 EVs in Norway: the numbers 5:01 A surprise in a creepy cave... 7:36 How to fix home charging 9:36 The A-Ha! story 12:12 Nio and the Chinese invasion 13:00 Government legislation done right! 14:55 It's not just about cars... 15:32 And it's not just about transport! 16:48 What hurdles remain? 18:29 What have we learned? Fully Charged LIVE is BACK! Get your tickets now: Amsterdam - 20th, 21st & 22nd May 2022: 🤍 San Diego - 10th & 11th September 2022: 🤍 Become a Patreon: 🤍 Become a YouTube member: use JOIN button above Subscribe to Fully Charged & the Fully Charged PLUS channels Buy the Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy : 🤍 Browse the Fully Charged store: 🤍 Visit our LIVE exhibitions in the UK, USA & Europe: 🤍 Subscribe for episode alerts and the Fully Charged newsletter: 🤍 Visit: 🤍 Find us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #Norway #Oslo #EVs #Tesla

FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) 1HR Ambient Drone Film + Music by Nature Relaxation™ for Stress Relief


REMASTERED VERSION 🤍 🤍 | 2019 Sequel, FLYING OVER SCOTLAND 🤍 🤍 | 7 HOUR VERSION 🤍 🤍 | BUY: 🤍 | WATCH ON-DEMAND: 🤍 | ABOUT: Relax for a full hour and let your worries be replaced by stunning aerial views from some of Norway's most beautiful & iconic locations captured in ultra high definition. It's paired with a brand new ambient musical masterpiece by The Cynic Project (notes below). Edited & produced by David Huting and cinematography thanks to Stefan Zimmerman. MORE INFO & LINKS: NORWAY LOCATIONS SHOWN: Lofoten, Nustjord, Flakstad, Ramberg, Bidge to Torvoya, Ytresand Beach, Björnsand, Mærvollspollen, Unstad, Grunnførfjorden sandbanks, Henningsvær, Vikjorden, Lødingen, Rørvikstranda, Straumen. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone. ABOUT THE MUSIC: "This production is a continuous mix of three ambient works, each work featuring a different Hatfield sister :) The first song features Erin Hatfield on vocals, and later on a beautiful sounding hang drum provides some rhythmic backing, then featuring a vocal solo by Erin Hatfield around the 10:00 mark. The second song is a remix from my game, Pixelsphere. The third song features Ashley Hatfield. Ashley's vocals are washed in reverb and linger as chord swells in the background which are combined with a boy's choir sound. My wife Julie Hatfield's lovely vocals are featured in all three songs. Big thanks to the vocalists Erin, Ashley and Julie for helping me with this composition!" ~Alex Smith. MUSIC NOTES: This ambient score features a very unique instrument: the hang drum. From Alex: "They are pretty cool and organic sounding kind of like a steel drum that you hold in your hand, with the exception that the instrument itself is a specific type of resonator so it the way it rings after it's struck with your palm." For more cynic project links & videos visit 🤍 or check out Alex's AWESOME side-scrolling musical game "Pixelpshere" at 🤍 NATURE RELAXATION™ APP STORE LINKS (Free to download/try): iOS App: 🤍 ANDROID App: 🤍 ROKU App: 🤍 APPLETV: Search for Nature Relaxation on the Apple TV store ANDROIDTV app: 🤍 AMAZON Fire TV App: 🤍 SAMSUNGTV: Search for Nature Relaxation from your 7-series or newer TV app store. *BEST WAY TO ENJOY NATURE RELAXATION* If you are truly looking to relax while watching this, I strongly recommending leaving YouTube and watching via Nature Relaxation On-Demand, where you will enjoy zero ads, a much cleaner, distraction free viewing experience (no permanent clock when fullscreen, no clickbait videos, etc). Learn more / try free at 🤍 Subscribe to start your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL unlock ad & watermark-free access plus an amazing suite of apps for all devices. https:/🤍 TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT at 🤍 or on the app store links above! DISPLAY NATURE RELAXATION™ IN YOUR BUSINESS SETTING TO PUT YOUR CUSTOMERS IN A MORE POSITIVE MOOD, GUARANTEED• Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at 🤍 LICENSE A NATURE RELAXATION VIDEO To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit: 🤍 AVAILABLE FORMATS & WATERMARK/AD FREE VIEWING OPTIONS On top of being able to be streamed via Nature Relaxation On-Demand, this film is available for 4K/HD download (h.264), on DVD or Blu-Ray. *NEW YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS* Like this film? Here are a few new amazing playlists with more content like this for you to enjoy: 4K DRONE FILMS: 🤍 | SIGNATURE COLLECTION w/ MUSIC: 🤍 | SIGNATURE COLLECTION (No Music): 🤍 |



This is How to Road Trip Norway. From the Southern coastal city of Stavanger to Lofoten island, this 14 day Norway travel itinerary and travel guide will make sure you experience the country's very best. Get started today with:​ 🤍 Norway Video Playlist: 🤍 Norway Blog Post: 🤍 Black Friday Sale (50% OFF Everything in Store): 🤍 Other Social Channels Instagram 🤍 Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc All Music Music Used in this Video comes from HERE: 🤍 (Copyright Free Music) Where I get Copyright FREE footage to help tell better cinematic stories: 🤍 Learn How I edit ALL my Travel Videos - (Exclusive Course Link) 🤍

Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana - LIVE - Norway 🇳🇴 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2022


Subwoolfer performed Give That Wolf A Banana, representing Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Find out more: 🤍 - The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates diversity through music. Please keep your comments respectful. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming or any other derogatory or hostile language. Offensive users will be blocked and reported. Music first, always. Subscribe to the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast; 🤍 Follow us on TikTok: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit 🤍 Shop the official Eurovision Song Contest merchandise: 🤍



These are my top 7 Most INCREDIBLE Places In NORWAY you wont believe exist. You need to see these places to believe they are real!! I recently spent 7 days in Norway to test the Paul&Shark 777 collection. Follow me on INSTAGRAM: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE for Travel Vlogs! 🤍 YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!! 🤍 Erik: 🤍 🤍 🤍 snapchat: erikconover Shop my FILMING gear: 🤍 Additional filming by Dylan Magaster: 🤍 🤍 Midnight sun timelapse credit: 🤍 Morten Rustad 0:00 - 1:40 Intro 1:40 - 3:40 Nigardsbreen Glacier 3:40 - 4:29 Langfossen Falls 4:29 - 5:25 Atlanterhavsvegen 5:25 - 7:51 Trollstiger Road 7:51 - 9:57 Saltstraumen Maelstrom 9:57 The Midnight Sun Music By: 🤍 Tony Anderson 🤍 🤍 🤍

Which Country Do You HATE The Most? | NORWAY


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In 10 minutes I will give you a full list of BASIC things YOU SHOULD NEVER DO or SAY in Norway. Make sure you are aware of them all before you are booking your trip to this fantastic country. ⏱⏱⏱ TIME CODES: 00:00 — WELCOME TO NORWAY 🇳🇴 00:28 1️⃣ NEVER think that Norway is a small country 01:36 2️⃣ NEVER get too close to anyone 02:25 3️⃣ NEVER show up late 02:55 4️⃣ NEVER make eye contact for too long 03:41 5️⃣ NEVER Underestimate the word Koslig 04:17 6️⃣ NEVER Think you are better than everybody else 04:48 7️⃣ NEVER Say that Sweden is better at winter sports 05:46 8️⃣ NEVER ask questions that show you have NO knowledge about Norway 06:29 9️⃣ NEVER complain about Not being dressed for the weather 07:21 🔟 NEVER Think that Northern lights can be seen everywhere 08:22 1️⃣1️⃣ NEVER visit ONLY Oslo Planning to move to Norway? This PLAY LIST IS FOR YOU 👉🏻 🤍 Planning to go to Norway winter time? Check out this PLAY LISR first 👉🏻 🤍 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 🆓 DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT TRAVEL TO NORWAY, living in Norway or travel in general? Send me a message, I’ll be happy to help 🤗 Stay in touch! Stay safe! Be happy! #norway #livinginnorway #norwaytravel

Norway in 8K ULTRA HD HDR - Most peaceful Country in the World (60 FPS)


►►SUPPORT US ON PayPal And Patreon Our PayPal - 🤍 Our patreon - 🤍 ►This video Optimize to 8K demo and HDR High Quality Video In Exceptional 8K Ultra HD Quality For 8K TV ►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose. ►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 76 1. Beautiful green nature with mountain in Norway 0:00​ 2. A fountain has flowed from the hill in "Glacier Kjenndalsbreen" 0:16​ 3. The wind turbine during sunset 0:29​ 4. A little fountain has flowed from mountain 0:42​ 5. Aerial view of Lovatnet lake in Norway 0:52​ 6. Aerial view of Lovatnet lake and Mountain with road 1:05​ 7. Norwegian winter with clouds Time-lapse 1:20​ 8. Beautiful sunset over the fjord 1:28​ 9. Beautiful landscape in Norway with motorhome caravan 1:36​ 10. Crystal clear water in Norway lake 1:52​ 11. Beautiful nature with mountain and lake in Norway 2:00​ 12. Aesthetic sky from mountain at Evening 2:08​ 13. Sunset over the clouds and time-lapse view from mountain 2:16​ 14. Beautiful nature with mountain and lake in Norway (part 2) 2:24​ 15. Norway beautiful green mountain and cloud's time-lapse 2:32​ 16. Sognefjord Fjord in Norway drone view 2:40​ 17. Aurlandsfjord Fjord in Norway aerial view 2:49​ 18. Pink sky at Twilight time 3:04​ 19. Night of the Northern Lights (aurora) in Norway 3:12 20. Lovatnet lake with blue water 3:28 21. Beautiful Natural land-scape in Norway 3:43 22. Geiranger fjord in Norway drone view 3:58 23. Two-storey house in the village, Norway 4:13 24. Wood bridge over the mountain river in Norway 4:29 25. Lighthouse on the shores of the Blue Sea 4:36 26. Oslo Capital of Norway Aerial View 4:53 27. Lovatnet lake with clouds Drone view 5:01 28. The wind turbine during sunset (part 2) 5:17 29. Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway 5:43 30. The Rural area in Norway 5:55 31. Oslo Opera House in a sunny day 6:11 32. Lofoten island in Norway Aerial view 6:18 33. Beautiful river and blue sky in Norway 6:34 34. Atlantic Ocean Road, Road in Norway 6:43 35. Beautiful river and blue sky in Norway (Part 2) 6:53 36. Snow-capped mountains in sunny day 7:12 37. Lofoten beach in Lofoten island 7:27 38. Night scenery Reinebringen in Norway 7:49 39. Campsite with lake in Drone view 7:59 40. Rainy day over the fjord green mountain 8:16 41. Lofoten-island sunset time in Nordland-Norway 8:28 42. Lovatnet lake with green water and clouds 8:45 43. Fogy sunset over the Snow-capped mountains 9:04 44. Latefossen waterfall aerial-view 9:14 45. Oslo city drone footage in Norway 9:32 46. Time-lapse of fjord snow-capped mountains 9:53 47. Aerial-footage over the clouds in beautiful Norway 10:03 48. Oslo city aerial view Norway 10:30 49. Night of the Northern Lights from westen Norway 10:58 50. Atlantic Ocean Road, Road in Norway (Part 2) 11:08 51. Oslo city aerial view at night landscape 11:35 52. Alta waterfall at spring in Norway 12:04 53. Beautiful little waterfall in rural area 12:20 54. Lofoten-island beach with blue water 12:32 55. Lindesnes Lighthouse with blue ocean 13:25 56. lofoten in spring with clouds and hill 13:39 57. Fog over the Norwegian valley in Norway 14:09 58. Lofoten-island beach aerial view 14:19 59. Fishing Village Reine at night in Norway 14:55 60. The wind turbine during sunset (Part 3) 15:05 61. Lovatnet Lake with green field in Norway 15:25 62. Lovatnet Lake with clouds Time-lapse in Norway 15:42 63. Geirangerfjord with red tent time-lapse 16:11 64. Beautiful landscape in Norway with motorhome caravan ( part 2) 16:19 65. Aesthetic Clouds with hills 16:35 66. The wind turbine during sunset (Part 4) 16:43 67. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake 16:54 68. Oslo city aerial view Norway (part 2) 17:11 69. Over clouds time-lapse with sunset 17:23 70. A little fountain has flowed from mountain (part 2) 17:33 71. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake (part 2) 17:41 72. Geiranger fjord Drone view 17:59 73. Lofoten-island sunset time in Nordland-Norway ( part 2) 18:14 74. Norangsdalen with little cottage and hill 18:39 75. Flying over the clouds with Lovatnet Lake (part 3) 18:47 76. Rural area in Norway 19:03 77. Beautiful green nature with mountain in Norway ( part 2) 19:10 78. End Title 19:22 Note : To view at 8K 60P you will need to use Chrome & opera. Music Credits: - Outsider - myuu link- 🤍 Outsider by myuu (🤍 is licensed under a Creative Commons license (🤍 - Quiet Place by Jonny Easton Link: 🤍 Check out his channel Link: 🤍 Credit thumbnail- Shutterstock - ALL CREDIT GOES TO , And Storyblocks Copyright Disclaimer ▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed. CONTACT US: ✉ email: durbar0321🤍

Amazing Quest: Stories from Norway | Somewhere on Earth: Norway | Free Documentary


Somewhere on Earth - Norway | Free Documentary Somewhere on Earth - Chile: 🤍 Somewhere on Earth invites you to the Far North, to the Kingdom of Norway. 00:00 Heidi Sevestre - A glaciologist living in the Arctic Circle First, we will meet Heidi Sevestre. She’s a glaciologist and lives year round in the Svalbard Islands, in the Arctic Circle. 15:15 Then we meet Aleksander Lyngberg. Lapland is an ideal terrain for him to live out his passions: fishing and snowkiting. 35:31 Finally, we meet Terje Isungset. This musician and composer draws his inspiration from the elements of Nature. He is blazing new trails in music and doing the impossible: he makes ice music. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe Free Documentary Channel for free: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #SomewhereOnEarth ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer. Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

New Zealand Girl Reacts to NORWAY | 15 Things You Didn't Know About NORWAY


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FLYING OVER NORWAY (4K UHD) - Piano Relaxing Music With Stunning Beautiful Nature Video For Your TV


Welcome to Earth Relaxation ! Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe whose mainland territory comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The remote Arctic island of Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard also form part of Norway. Bouvet Island, located in the Subantarctic, is a dependency of Norway; it also lays claims to the Antarctic territories of Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land. Norway has a total area of 385,207 square kilometres and had a population of 5,385,300 in November 2020. The country shares a long eastern border with Sweden (1,619 km or 1,006 mi long). Norway is bordered by Finland and Russia to the north-east and the Skagerrak strait to the south, with Denmark on the other side. Norway has an extensive coastline, facing the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. The country has the fourth-highest per-capita income in the world on the World Bank and IMF lists. Music has so many benefits, and one of them is that it calms your nerves down. It's always a good idea to listen to some background music while you're doing something. So here are some relaxing piano pieces with 4k nature videos that will help you relax, feel relaxed, and get ready for bed. In this video, I'm going to show you my favorite nature video that will help you relax and improve your mood. It's a 4k video with relaxing music and calming nature sounds. There are no talking in this video so you can enjoy the natural sound of the forest, the sound of a river, and some birds chirping. Watch the 4k ultra high definition video in this video in somewhere at nail salon, public transport or restaurant. Relaxing music is playing in the background. Try out this 4k ultra high definition video let me know what you think in the comments below!. ▽ Follow Earth Relaxation ➤ Youtube → 🤍 #earthrelaxation​ #relaxingmusic​ #4knorway Music provided by EMVN Submit your music: 🤍 📌 Contacts: copyright.thstudio🤍, network🤍 Track list: 0:0:0 | 1 . Calm 0:4:52 | 2 . Relax 0:9:46 | 3 . Perfect Day 0:13:51 | 4 . Serene Sadness (Solo Piano) 0:26:37 | 7 . Cotton Sheets (Solo Piano) Follow Artists: 🤍 🤍 🤍 ►All rights belong to their respective owners. ✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists and the right holders.

Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴- Autumn Walk 2022 - 4K/60fps HDR - Walking Tour


The Autumn is here. The trees are yallo and it makes Oslo beautiful. Let's walk together in Autumn and explore Oslo. Hope u like this video. Please do Subscribe to our Channel to watch more videos :) #oslo #norway #karljohansgate

New Zealand Girl Reacts to NORWAY GEOGRAPHY NOW!!!! 🤯🇳🇴


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Norway AMAZING Beautiful Nature with Relaxing Music and sound, 4k nature | Relaxation film


Norway 4K Nature Video Relaxation Film: Piano Version 🤍 (No bird sound) or Subscribe My Vlog 🤍 Thank you so much Great as TV Screensaver (4K UHD) for Relaxing, Stress Relief, Sleep, Zen, Yoga, studying, Work... if you like this video, please leave a like and subscribe. Thanks for listening & watching, Richard | Relaxation Film ►Support a cup of coffee at: 🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ► My List: Norway: 🤍 Austria: 🤍 Italy: 🤍 Germany: 🤍 Sweden: 🤍 Switzerland: 🤍 Switzerland (winter to spring): 🤍 Switzerland (Paradise of Earth): 🤍 Turkey: 🤍 Slovenia: 🤍 Croatia: 🤍 Norway Fjord: 🤍 Montenegro: 🤍 Georgia (country): 🤍 Denmark: 🤍 Wales: 🤍 Ireland: 🤍 Vietnam: 🤍 Mongolia: 🤍 Kazakhstan: 🤍 Thailand: 🤍 America: 🤍 California: 🤍 Nature: 🤍 Paradise: 🤍 Autumn: 🤍 Winter: 🤍 Snow: 🤍 Forest: 🤍 Forest - North American: 🤍 The Sky: 🤍 Ocean: 🤍 The Ocean - Marine: 🤍 Flower: 🤍 Nature Morning: 🤍 Nature Morning in Europe: 🤍 Beach: 🤍 European Nature Forest: 🤍 Wildlife Animals: 🤍 Rainforest: 🤍 Birds: 🤍 Animals Wildlife (Africa) 🤍 Africa: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Dolomites: 🤍 Europe: 🤍 Kattegat: 🤍 Mountains: 🤍 North America: 🤍 Earth: 🤍 Safari: 🤍 Thank you so much Richard | Relaxation Film ►Advertisement: Email: relaxationfilmchannel🤍 ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ Information ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ Instagram: 🤍relaxationfilm Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍🤍relaxationfilm Website: 🤍 ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷ © Copyright: Music arranged and performed by Richard Footage licensed from Relaxation Film Do not duplicate without permission. Thanks for watching. #norway #relaxingmusic #4k #studymusic #meditationmusic #yogamusic

GROCERY SHOPPING IN NORWAY🇳🇴 How much BASIC GROCERIES will cost you? Typical Norwegian Supermarket


Let’s do Grocery Shopping in Norway together! In this video: how much basic food shopping will cost you in Norway and how much food you can buy in Norway with $100? ⏱⏱⏱ 00:00 Welcome to Norway 🇳🇴 00:51 - Let’s go Grocery Shopping in Norway! 02:01 - Kiwi: Budget Norwegian Supermarket 08:21 - Alcohol in Norway: where to buy and how much it costs? 09:07 - Coop Mega: Premium Norwegian Supermarket Why I’m doing this? I know you all have heard that Norway is a wealthy country and the salaries in Norway are quite high. But what about basic, every day things like grocery shopping here in Norway? How much will you spend on buying food in the local Norwegian supermarket? Let me show you: Norwegian supermarket Kiwi 🤍 Norwegian supermarket Coop 🤍 There are several chains of supermarkets in Norway ⁃ Meny ⁃ Coop ⁃ Rema 100 ⁃ Kiwi There is also Spar and maybe some others but I was living here for 2 years and … well Spar is quite far from the town center and 4 of them were always enough to do my grocery shopping. During 2 years of my life in Norway my basic grocery shopping needs were satisfied by Kiwi — there you can get all basic stuff you need. However, when I fancy something more special, more interesting- I’m paying a visit to Local Norwegian Coop. How typical grocery shopping in Norway looks like? What Norwegians eat? What Norwegians usually buy in the supermarket? How local Norwegian food looks like? What can you get in Norwegian supermarket for $100? Is Norway expensive? Is Norway rich? All of those questions and more in this video! 🤗 📸 My Filming Gear: SONY ZV1 - BEST Vlogging Camera - 🤍 SONY GRIP TRIPOD - 🤍 RØDE Vlogging Mic - 🤍 GoPro HERO 9 🤍 GoPro Remote Control 🤍 GoPro Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand 🤍 AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. I won't put anything here that I haven't verified and/or personally used myself. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 🆓 DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT TRAVEL TO NORWAY, living in Norway or travel in general? Send me a message, I’ll be happy to help 🤗 Stay in touch! Stay safe! Be happy! #norway #livinginnorway #norwaytravel

Full 4K walkarond at Automessen 2022 in Lillestrøm, Norway


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I Learned Norwegian in 2 Weeks Then Went on Live TV in Norway


Check out Displate and get an exclusive discount: 🤍 1 Displate: 22% OFF / 2+ Displates: 33% OFF This is the story of how I learned to speak Norwegian in two weeks and then flew to Norway and spoke it with a journalist on the TV show of VG, Norway’s biggest newspaper. It was an incredible challenge and thanks so much to VG and Thomas Bløndal for putting me up to it. 0:00 Intro 0:57 Norwegian journalist challenges me 1:29 Sponsored by Displate 2:22 Day 1 – study schedule 3:50 Day 3 – this is hard! 4:42 Day 6 – Norwegian words sound like curse words in English 4:59 Day 10 – surprising Norwegian strangers with my Norwegian 7:53 Flying to Norway & my first impressions 8:51 Interview on Norwegian TV 14:11 Conclusion LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE WITH MY METHOD! ✉️ Join my newsletter and discover how I pick up new languages quickly (and learn how you can do the same): 👉🏼 🤍 📚 Check out my Street-Smart Language courses: 👉🏼 🤍 Subscribe to my channel: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 If you guys like the music in my videos, you can check out all the AMAZING music Epidemic Sound has at my affiliate link here: 🤍

Channing Tatum in the Mountains of Norway (Full Episode) | Running Wild with Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls puts Channing Tatum’s survival skills to the test in the wilds of Norway. ➡ Subscribe: 🤍 ➡ Get more Nat Geo Full Episodes: 🤍 ➡ Get more Nat Geo Wild Full Episodes: 🤍 And check out more National Geographic series and specials here: ➡ Disney Plus: 🤍 ➡ Hulu: 🤍 ➡ NGTV app: 🤍 ➡ ABC app: 🤍 #ChanningTatum #FullEpisode #NationalGeographic Get More National Geographic: Official Site: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Tenor: 🤍 About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Channing Tatum in the Mountains of Norway (Full Episode) | Running Wild with Bear Grylls 🤍 National Geographic 🤍

Norway, Poland open new gas pipeline as Nord Stream leaks • FRANCE 24 English


As European leaders warned of sabotage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, Poland and Norway inaugurated a new conduit that will reduce dependence on Russian gas. It underscores the urgency of EU economies' search for new energy sources. Also in the show: correspondents Nick Spicer and Anne Mailliet report on the German businesses being forced to close because of high energy costs, and the pound sterling stabilizes a day after historic losses.  🤍 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 🔴 LIVE - Watch FRANCE 24 English 24/7 here: 🤍 🌍 Read the latest International News and Top Stories: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Discover the news in pictures on Instagram: 🤍

Norway 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film With Inspiring Music


Norway is possibly the most beautiful place in the world and its easy to see why. Enjoy this 4K Scenic Relaxation film across the Norway's most incredible landscapes. From the wonders of Geirangerfjord, to the Lofoten Islands, Norway is bound to take your breath away. This is one of my favorite films I created and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Our other Relaxation films: Ireland 4K - 🤍 Madeira 4K - 🤍 France 4K - 🤍 Italy 4K - 🤍 Alaska 4K - 🤍 Patagonia 4K - 🤍 New Zealand 4K - 🤍 French Polynesia 4K - 🤍 Alps 4K - 🤍 Animals 4K - 🤍 African Safari 4K - 🤍 Around the World 4K - 🤍 Follow us on instagram 🤍scenicrelaxationfilms Where we get our music - 🤍 Great Place for Stock footage - 🤍 Great Place for Music - 🤍 Great Place for Assets - 🤍 Free stock footage, guides & luts - 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 8:31 - Romsdalen & Trollstigen 12:17 -Geirangerfjord 15:41 - Lovatnet 19:26 - Stryn, Loen, & Olden 22:56 - Eggjenibba & Hjelledalen 25:51 - Lofoten Islands 28:42 - Senja 29:47 - Geirangervegen 31:58 - Trollveggen 33:10 - Lovatnet Round 2 37:12 - Norwegian Landscapes 54:06 - Northern Norway 56:57 - Outro Thanks for watching :)

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