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Michael and Debbie - The Senior Nomads | Airbnb Open | Airbnb


Introducing the Senior Nomads! In one of the most inspirational sessions of the Airbnb Open, recent retirees, Michael and Debbie Campbell, discuss their incredible round-the-world journey that has taken them to 82 Airbnbs in 45 countries and 125 far! SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About Airbnb: Airbnb is a platform that connects people from around the world to incredible places to stay and interesting things to do. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or salsa lessons in Havana to help you truly live there. The Airbnb community aims to create a world where all 7.5 billion people can belong anywhere. Connect with Airbnb: Visit Airbnb Website: 🤍 Like Airbnb on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Follow Airbnb on TWITTER: 🤍 Follow Airbnb on INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Follow Airbnb on LINKEDIN: 🤍 Follow Airbnb on PINTEREST: 🤍 Michael and Debbie - The Senior Nomads | Airbnb Open | Airbnb 🤍

This is how Airbnb's oldest interns travel the world on a budget | CNBC Profiles


Meet Debbie and Michael Campbell, who have dubbed themselves "the senior nomads". After traveling full-time for five years, they managed to win coveted internships at Airbnb, becoming the company's oldest interns. Here are their tips to retire around the world on a budget. - Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Subscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: 🤍 Like our Facebook page: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

65 yr Old Nomad Tells How To Survive This Financial Crisis


#gloriouslifeonwheels,#rvliving, #solofemalevanlife, Van life has never been more challenging than it is presently, especiallynfor anyone living on social security or any other fixed income. Runaway inflation, soaring gas prices, out of sight food costs, what's a nomad to do? Well in this video an experienced 65 year old solo female van lifer, Diane, shares valuable tips on what she does to contain costs and live on a budget while on the road. Whether you are just starting out in van life, rv living, or even in a home base residence Diane's sensible tips will be invaluable. Do share this video with others and if you have some cost cutting measures you are currently using I would love to hear about them in the comments for the video.

Why We Are Not Nomad Travellers - The Strain And Stress


A home base provides so many benefits for traveling a lot. We are fortunate at being able to afford to keep an apartment while traveling for up to six months per year, this is why we are not Nomads. Belonging to somewhere is a great psychological feeling, knowing you have a corner in the world to call your own, people who know you and care for you. This relives the stress of constantly moving, finding AirBnB apartments or hotel rooms, working out which country you can afford to go too and how long you can stay. Join us for a discussion on being digital nomads and join the discussion by leaving comments on what you think about full time travel. We Earn the highest Canadian Bank Interest for U.S. and Canadian Dollars here (Contains referral code): Tina: 🤍?code=CHRISTINA8402 Norm: 🤍?code=NORMAN233O NORM & TINA'S MOST POPULAR YOUTUBE VIDEOS What shocked Us Living In Canada | Moving From The U.K. 🤍 What Shocked Us First Trip To America - UK Canadians 🤍 Things We Wished We Knew Before Retirement 🤍 Average Net Worth Of Retirees At 65 - How Do You Compare 🤍 How Much Is Winter In The Algarve Portugal - We Show You 🤍 WE ARE NOT FINANCIAL OR INSURANCE ADVISORS, WE ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE ADVICE, THIS VIDEO IS FOR INFORMATION AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. PLEASE SEEK OUT PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE ADVICE BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENT DECISIONS AND PURCHASING INSURANCE. Our Smart Watches and our Travel Guides these contain Amazon affiliate links where we earn a small amount of money but you don't pay any extra: Our Favourite Amazon finds Tina’s Magnetic Bracelet 🤍 Smart Watch America 🤍 Air Fryer America 🤍 2 Step Verification Key 🤍 Powerbank 🤍 Canon Lens 🤍 Smart Wallet For Travel 🤍 Our filming equipment for YouTube contain Amazon Affiliate links Camera 🤍 Lens 🤍 Studio Lights 🤍 Light Modifier 🤍 Light Modifier 🤍 🌎 Fodor's Essential Portugal 🤍 🌎 Rick Steves Portugal 🤍 🌎 DK Eyewitness Portugal 🤍 All Photographs and Video Clips are the copyright and owned by ©This Is Our Retirement and cannot be used without permission. ✅ Subscribe to see our new videos 🤍 🎬 Watch our latest video here 🤍 #This_Is_Our_Retirement 😱 Watch Our Shocked Us Travel Series Here 🤍 🇵🇹 Watch our Portugal videos here 🤍 🌴 Watch our retirement videos here 🤍 🤍 🤍

What It's Like to be a Nomad at 60 | Pop-Up Magazine


At 60, Jo Lynn Decker found herself trapped in a failing marriage and cramped apartment in Idaho. Inspired by YouTube videos of senior nomads, she left it all behind to live out of a van and start a radical new chapter of her life. Filmmakers Vanessa Carr and Josh Gleason went along for the ride. POP-UP MAGAZINE’S Fall Issue takes one day at a time, with new stories unfolding over a week, from October 12-16, sponsored by 🤍instacart. Check out the lineup, meet the contributors, and follow along at 🤍 POP-UP MAGAZINE produces unforgettable stories and live experiences, including our acclaimed live magazine, which sells out grand, historic venues across the country. Subscribe to our channel (🤍 for the latest stories. More at 🤍. VANESSA CARR has worked as a director of photography for a decade, filming documentaries and series for PBS, HBO, Disney+, Showtime, FX, and others. She holds a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley. Nomads is her first feature documentary as a director. JOSH GLEASON is a documentary filmmaker whose work has been screened at festivals across the country and featured in The Atlantic. He’s directed and produced programs for PBS, including episodes of American Experience and Finding Your Roots. CREDITS NOMADS By Vanessa Carr and Josh Gleason Original Music by Minna Choi FOR POP-UP MAGAZINE Story Producer Haley Howle Video Editors John Woo Rachel Shuman Music Director Minna Choi Audio Mixer Albert Schatz Additional Production Elise Craig FOR VANESSA CARR AND JOSH GLEASON Directed and Produced by Vanessa Carr Josh Gleason Cinematographer Vanessa Carr Sound Recordist Josh Gleason Assistant Editor Jennifer Stamps Special Thanks Phyllis Bickford Big Sky Documentary Film Festival California Film Institute Suanne Carlson KC Colter Joni Cooper Jo Lynn Decker Doreane Downing Joanne Feinberg Allecia Gordon Homes on Wheels Alliance Louise Levy Lynn Neidorf Bob Wells Additional footage courtesy of Bob Wells, Cheap RV Living

#8 Vanlife: Loneliness, fear and solo senior female fulltime nomads


Learning to love and appreciate ecosystems that you might think are ugly, for their diversity and uniqueness. Learning to face loneliness and fear of new things. "Baptized and Burried" by Will Harrison. Courtesy of Epidemic Sound 🤍



#SENIORNOMADS, #RVLIVING, #GLORIOUSLIFEONWHEELS, #SOLOFEMALEVANLIFE This 73 year old solo female nomad, Skoolie Carol, shares how going out on the road as a nomad transformed her life. Is van life or life as a nomad for everyone? No, it is not. But, over and over individuals, especially seniors, have shared with me how becoming a nomad helped them to escape a life in which they felt like they were prisoners trapped by escalating rents and limited financial resources. Becoming a nomad opened them up to a world of new experiences and friendships they never dreamed could exist for them. Even more significantly they gained a sense of freedom and control over their lives again in a world that seemed to be spiraling out of control. I think you will be truly inspired by Skoolie Carol's story. Whether you plan to become a nomad or not you will leave this video being encouraged to reach out and grab life for all it is worth and live it to the fullest. Do stay tuned for a follow up video shortly in which Skoolie Carol will go over specifics of her monthly nomad budget. And, if you missed the first video.interview and bus tour I did with Skoolie Carol, go back and check it out. You'll be glad you did.



#gloriouslifeonwheels, #vanlife, #rvliving Getting older is a fact of life and one that can have unique challenges for seniors living as nomads. Living on a fixed income only such as social security is no easy feat under the best of circumstances. If someone is doing van life or a version of cheap rv living on a limited budget having to transition out of that lifestyle can leave folks with very limited options. It is for that reason that I decided to this series on exit plans for seniors to consider when they have to leave the road. But in actually the more I thought about it I realized having an exit plan for retirement or another transition as a senior is really a necessity. In this last video on rv park options I share some information and a tour of a park that not only has a number of amenities, but also has very affordable pricing, under $200 per month for a lot, on an annual plan. If you haven't already seen them check.out the two other rv parks I toured, a small park in a residential area and a mid size rv park that also rents out rigs as well as the lot. Both of them were also quite affordable. Let me.know in the comment section what you think of this Financial Fridaybseries and financial concerns youbwoyld like to see addressed. Staybtuned for the next episode that will explore still more exit plan strategies.

Van Life: What Happens when Seniors Can No Longer Be Nomads?


#gloriouslifeonwheel, #vanlife, seniorrvliving, Van life and rv living has become a viable option to replace outrageous rents these days. However, there comes a time when most nomads, especially senior nomads, have to leave the life of traveling and seek out a stationary option. This can happen for a variety of reason, including deteriorating health or vision. Given the.high probability that one day many seniors will no longer be able to be on the road I assumed that most would have an exit plan for when that day came. I was wrong. The overwhelming majority of senior nomads I meet have no exit plan and often tell me when asked that they will figure it out when the time comes. I found this very disturbing and decided to explore what the options might be. Over the next few weeks as part of the Financial Friday series I will be exploring and presenting exit plan options. I hope it is helpful and even causes some to start seriously considering putting a plan together. If you already have an exit plan please share it in the comments so others can benefit from your foresight.

WE SOLD EVERYTHING to Travel the World | Retirement Travelers [Vlog #31]


🤍 This is our retirement! As a travel vlogger with a world travel vlog, the Retirement Travelers Season Two starts with a bang! Having financial freedom, financial independence, and early retirement behind us, we sold all our stuff. Yes, we sold everything for husband and wife travel of the world during our freedom years. Join us on this epic early retirement journey. As a travel vlogger, we hope to inspire you to retire earlier and better, along with ways to simplify your life so that world travel becomes an option. If you have too much stuff and want to downsize and learn how to live minimally, this is your channel. Change your life and travel with us on a 10-year journey of a lifetime around the world. #retirementtravelers #travelvlogger #worldtravel #travelvloggers #retirementtravel #travelvlog #thisisourretirement #sellitall #downsize #minimalism Get a pair of ALLBIRDS, our absolute favorite travel shoes. “Click my link for a free pair of socks with your purchase of shoes or apparel. Offer will automatically be applied at checkout if socks are added to your cart, you won't find this deal anywhere else!” 🤍 Follow us on Instagram at 🤍 Like us on Facebook at 🤍 Find us on Pinterest at 🤍 Connect with us on LinkedIn at 🤍 🎉🎉🎉WE GOT NOTICED AS ONE OF THE TOP 15 YOUTUBE RETIREMENT CHANNELS🎉🎉🎉 👉🏼🤍 ABOUT US: As the #retirementtravelers, we have always dreamed of traveling, but we never in a million years thought we would become #travelvloggers and start a YouTube channel. But, that is what we did! We work hard every day to become better and create something that others will enjoy. Having a community of friends, old and new, follow our journey is fun and exciting to us. In 2019, we achieved our goal of visiting every state in the union in our Airstream. We also visited every national park in the lower 48. We are big believers in lists, so of course we plan to see the remaining 12 parks in the next few years. In 2021, we made the big decision to extreme downsize to just a suitcase and a small backpack, each. We started our journey around the world beginning in Central America. We hope that over the next ten years, we will have seen many beautiful things, made many memories and new friends, and shared the experience with our children and grandchildren. We hope you enjoy the journey with us. Drop us a note in the comments and be sure to hit subscribe! 🗺 🎥 🌮

Interview With A 66 Year Old Solo Female Nomad


Interview With A 66-Year-Old Solo Female Nomad: Buy Me A Coffee: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 Mail: Tracey Tischler 2223 5th St., #10627 St. Paul, MN 55110 Thanks for coming along the journey with me! SUBSCRIBE to our adventures by clicking here – 🤍 ✘INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ✘Facebook: 🤍 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 🌍Check my website/blog: 🤍 #interview with solo female #nomad #vanlife

These retirement-age nomads find work wherever the road takes them


The pandemic has spurred surges in camping and RV travel due to the need for social distancing and outdoor activity. But it’s not all fun and vacations: one group of Americans adopted a self-sufficient and nomadic lifestyle long ago, living full-time in motor homes and working seasonal jobs to support themselves as they travel the United States. Paul Solman reports on retirement-age “workampers.” Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: 🤍 Find more from PBS NewsHour at 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: 🤍 Newsletters: 🤍

Airbnb Senior Nomads


Inspired by the growing flexibility to work and live from anywhere the term "Nomad" is taking on a whole new meaning. Airbnb is looking for Nomads and has launched a program to try and find them . During this interview on PCTV, Cassidy Blackwell - Director of International Communications at Airbnb - as well as Debbie and Michael Campbell inform viewers about the program and the Nomadic Lifestyle experience.

Senior Nomads: Fixed Income Can Nomadic Life Be Free


* LOL BLM Land..Not BML..Senior Moment! I was asked by Mr Mark months ago to do a video about Nomadic life and fixed income. Sorry Mr Mark it took so long. This is the starting video of this discussion, We will break it down in my next video and crunch numbers. WE will do it with a home base and with out. Senior Nomads need to know the truth, fixed income is hard when your house is paid for, together with nomadic life and the limitied income it can be hard. GlamMaads and ScamMads want you to trust you can put up a youtube channel and make money that way, not true! They go luck or not, most are cons! Enjoy the video on my new camera! My New Channel: Coffee With Tami 🤍 Gift/Support Me at: 🤍 or hit the button on my main page! My Personal Email: tamimarie58🤍 Recorded with: Nyceltek Digital Vlogger Music By: Elliot Editing On Phone By: KineMaster Thank You for your Prayer, Positive Energy and Vibes and Support!! Soooo, My Channel and the videos of End of RV Living will never be closed if I can help it. I did these videos to save and help those that have fallen prey to Glam-Mads and Scam-Mads. I wouldn't feel good about myself if I had of just walked away knowing the truth. Living the nomadic life and giving up everything I had worked my whole life for over the lies of Nomad life as it is and was shown here. I have never like it when people used other people and slept fine at night. End of Nomadic life was and is meant to warn anyone seeking the truth about it here for the watching. Yes there are many other types of videos on my channel, as I am a well rounded person and have so much life to share. As I have said in many of my videos, these videos will be here for my children and grand children once I am gone. They know me best out of the world of people I have had in my life and to no be true to who I am, would be a lie. They would know if I was being true to myself or not. I choose to be who I am, always protecting those that have and run the risk of being hurt or used by others. Hence..Glam-Mad and Scam-Mads. Yes I have been blessed with a 2 bedroom 2 bath home, for the amazing price of 1000.00 I was just in the right place at the right time. Oh and the 25.00 title fee. LOL I have also been blessed that its a 55+ community which makes it even better. More and more seniors like me are in places like these and it makes life fun. Enjoy the video of inside, outside coming soon! Watch for it! Yes I still am looking for a van or motor home, class a b or c as long as it will pass emissions, no mold and nothing major wrong. I don't mind older ones either. So if you have one or know someone who does, hit me up. My email addy is listed above. Remember to LOVE yourself ! I am a 60 year old tree hugging hippie, raised by my granny in a biker family! And A Child Of God, Right !!! I am all three ! I Love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. No I am not perfect. I guess that"s why I am so thankful That God loves me anyway. I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, An area that is known as Sunnyslope. When I was growing up it was Sunnyslope, AZ In later years it became apart of Phoenix. 2013 was really the start of my nomadic life, since then I was in Vegas 3 times, Georgia 1 time and Arizona 2 times. I knew something was up with me, ... I was never scared that i would not make it, every time I packed that suitcase! Join me, I am honest to a fault, I don't mince words, I am not afraid that someone may not like me over my opinions. What you see is what you get. I drive a little pink scooter, which I carry on a rack in the back when I am on the move. I call her LucyLu My Nomadic adventure started 9/17.... my life hasn't been the same, I am truly living life now!!! Peace N Love Thanks For Watching !!!! GLORY TO YAH

Senior Nomads | The Seven O'Clock Show


Michael & Debbie from Seattle retired in 2013 and have since been travelling around Europe in Air Bnbs!

World Travel on $2,200 a Month. Retired Nomad Expats Travel the World. Slow Roving Retirement 2022


In today's video we visit with two Retired Nomad Expats that have chosen to slow travel the world, also called roaming retirement or roving retirement, The average US Retiree on Social Security receives $1,600 a month, and a couple on Social Security receives over $2,600 a month. Norm and Kat spend around $2,200 a month as they live out their dream of world travel. A US Expat living on Social Security can expect a great standard of living in many countries such as Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Thailand, Ecuador, and many others when compared to the living costs in the US. If you dreamed of traveling as a nomad in retirement this video is for you. To See Norms website vlog visit: International Medical Plans for Expats, Nomads, Students, Missionaries, Groups and Employers. Warren will make a commission if you use this link for International Medical Plans with IMGlobal: 🤍 If you wish to contact us email: warrenjulietravel🤍 Instagram: warren_julie_travel Join our Facebook Group at: 🤍 Do you want to live abroad as an Expat? Are you looking for affordable and viable options? We are exploring the world to see what it's like to live in a country, and also discover if Residency is an option. We began our retirement in March of 2020 with the intent to travel the world, spending 1-3 months in a country or location. We want to see what it's like to live there and not simply visit, and we want to share these experiences and the costs with whoever wishes to follow along. We will make a commission on these links, your rates are not impacted. If you are interested in our travel luggage here is the suitcase we call Big Blue: 🤍 Here is our Grey suitcase: 🤍 Here is the Selfie Stick used by Warren: 🤍 Dog backpack: 🤍 If you wish to contact us email: warrenjulietravel🤍 Join our Facebook Group at: 🤍 Instagram: warren_julie_travel #slowtravel #travel2022 #cheaptravel2022 Music: YouTube Library News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Grey Nomads Australia


Full 57 Minute Documentary

Retiring like nomads; one couple's adventure


Some Americans choose to live overseas when they retire, but few do it like Lynne and Tim Martin. When they retired in 2011, they sold their house and nearly all their belongings and added that money to their retirement savings. Now they travel the world living out of a suitcase in short-term rentals. They usually stay in one place for one to three months.The Martins stopped by Weekend Express to tell their story to our Lynn Berry, and you can follow their adventures on their website. For more information please visit 🤍

Senior Nomad Building and Living in Skoolie on SS Income


I'm 66 and living on a Social Security income. Not enough to pay rent and the high power bills that accompany rent. But it is enough to build my own home and become financially independent as a nomad. This all involves doing the labor myself, frugal shopping and re-using what I already had. Building out my Skoolie has taught me patience, stretched my skills, and enabled me to custom build a comfortable home for me and my dogs. This channel is about starting over and chasing dreams.

Should a Senior Nomad Have A Home Base


Discussing the benefits of having a Home Base for senior and disabled Nomads with Greg from 🤍Fit4Expedition & Tanya from 🤍VanLifeVoyages who each have their own unique health challenges making them disabled.

Senior Nomads: Announcing Upcoming videos/with 73 year Old Solo Female Skoolie Carol


#rvliving, #gloriouslifeonwheels, #seniornomads For those of you OGs (Original Glowbies) you will remember the interview I did last year with a feisty 72 year old solo female nomad, Carol, now known as Skoolie Carol. She had been on the road in her skoolie just three weeks when we met. Actually, I think she was my first tour, and what a tour it was. So many have asked me since that interview last year for an update on Carol. Well, I am pleased to announce that if all goes well and the creek don't rise🤣, this week on either Tuesday 12/ 14 or Wednesday 12/15 I will be airing part 1 of an interview with her and Part 2 on Thursday 12/16. So, stay tuned.

LIFE AS A SENIOR NOMAD: What To Do When Illness Strikes


#vanlife, #nomad, #cancer, #gloriouslifeonwheels, Being a solo female nomad can be challenging. Many nomads are living on Social Security and on a tight budget whether they are living in a van conversion,, a trailer or an rv. When you add a life threatening illness to the mix living as a nomad can even make getting the care you so desperately need difficult to get. In this video Cat, a solo senior woman, will share some of the difficulties she is currently dealing with as she is facing surgery for colon cancer. These difficulties are not unique to her case and are common problems for folks without a permanent address. Follow Cat's journey in this first episode if Straigth Talk From The Heart as she shares not only her challenges but also her victories as well as tips for maneuvering the health care system as a nomad.

Senior Female Nomad/That’s It! I’m Going Home!


#RVrebelGirl #theBuzzwithRVRebelGirl RVRebel Girl Channel and Videos are NOT intended for Kids or anyone under the age of 13. Hi, I am Carolyn, RVrebel Girl. I travel all over the US in my KZ Escape 19.5 foot travel trailer towed by my Ford Explorer. I belong to Boondockers Welcome which allows me to camp at some unique places for an annual membership fee. I travel solo with my 4 legged BFF, family companion RV Diva Danni. She was 3 years old Oct 20th. Danni is a Morkie between 4.5-5 pounds looking for K9 ❤️ Love on the road. We are retired because life is too short and tomorrow is not promised, so Im not gonna put off till tomorrow what Im healthy enough to do today. Please join me on my travels. I am 100% Nomad a full time RV’r, still need the storage shed base to nest cuz the RV isn’t big enough for all my cowgirl boots and my cloths, but I am workin on it. The winter of 2018-2020 was great! I once again attended the Van Build in Parker, Az meeting up with other RV and Van dwellers. Spring 2019 / summer I traveled to the pacific northwest where I met up and camped with the Tribe. If you wish to donate to my adventure and help with my fuel expenses you can purchase a RVRebel Girl Sticker for $5.00 or donate to my Tip jar: 🤍 You can also become a Patreon: 🤍 If you prefer to write me personally rather than post your comments you can send your letters to: Carolyn Giacchetti PO Box 6283 Aurora Ill 60598 Thanks for supporting my videos by watching my channel. Camera equipment: Apple IPhone 8 Plus, GoPro Hero 5 GetJet lapel Mic (, RODE VideoMicro (BestBuy), Internet Support: Verizon Jet Pack, WeBoost Auto/RV (BestBuy) Editing Program:; YouTube (Google) and IMovie, Apple and KineMaster. Music: YouTube Library, Good Friend by Audionautix, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Artist: 🤍 Music: 🤍, PinaColadas Royalty Free Music, 🤍 .Inspire, photoalbum, memories, littleidea, hey, countryboy If you would like you can also send for an RVrebel Girl Sticker by sending me a self addressed envelope to my PO Box above and my next stop back in the midwest I will send one to you . Stickers are $5. I will send a sticker out to you as soon as I return to my home base. You can also support my channel by purchasing a RVrebel Girl Mug or Tee Shirt at:: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thank you for your support, I appreciate your loyalty to my channel, see ya on the road, Carolyn & Danni My Email is: RVRebelGirl🤍 🤍 Amazon Wish List 🤍 Boondockers Welcome Affiliate 🤍 Amazon Affiliate: 🤍 When you purchase items via my affiliate links I will receive a commission. There is no extra cost to you. Anything Keeper - Home or Office, RV, and Boat Organizer (outside product dimensions 11"W 10"L 2.5”H)🤍 BE A NOMAD CHANGE YOUR LIFE: The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Living Full-Time in a Van or RV 🤍 Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black 🤍 Stickermule: 🤍 Tick Removal Kit: 🤍 Disclaimer: This description contains product links for which I am an affiliate. If you chose to utilize the links I may receive a small commission (s) from the sales. Any commissions I receive helps support my channel and expenses. Thank you

GLOW LIVE: As A Senior Nomad Do You Have An Exit Plan?


#gloriouslifeonwheels, #vanlife, #planningforretiremen, #livingonsocialsecurity Having had myYouTube channel now for two years I have meet literally thousands of senior nomads living on social security. One question I often ask is about having an exit plan for when they are no longer able to be on the road doing van life I am shocked at the number of people, almost all, who tell me they will deal with that when the time comes. As someone who is a mad planner that is very scary ro me. It got me to thinking about exit plans in general even for folks who aren't nomads and are hoping to retire one day. So, of course I had to look into this matter and am doing a series on exit plans. I'd love to hear about your exit plan. Come join us and let's chat about it Saturday5/14 🤍 3pm ost, 6pm est.

Airbnb Open: Michael & Debbie Campbell of Senior Nomads


Michael & Debbie Campbell of Senior Nomads sat down with Flipboard's Mia Quagliarello at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles. Flipboard is available on: Web: 🤍 iOS: 🤍 Android: 🤍 Windows: 🤍 You can learn more about Flipboard at Follow us Flipboard:

Why I'm Leaving Bali | My Last Day Living in Bali VLOG | BEWARE OF THIS | Digital Nomad Life


Why I'm Leaving Bali in 2022 | My Last Day Living in Bali as a Digital Nomad Vlog [BEWARE of this] The Downsides of Bali I've been in Canggu, Bali the past 5 weeks. This week i’m sharing why I left Bali early and sharing some tips before traveling to Bali so you can be safe and enjoy the amazing digital nomad life that bali has to offer. If you’ve wondered about dengue fever in Bali, give this video a watch. Expat life in Bali is better than I could have imagined, but when I got dengue everything changed. I hope you enjoy this video! →Be sure to get my FREE Starting on YouTube Cheatsheet for entrepreneurs + coaches to stop fighting algorithms and get in the eyes of your dream clients DAY 1: 🤍 → Wanna learn how to GO VIRAL with Video?! Get my FREE Go-Viral Video Guidebook: 🤍 DON'T FORGET TRAVEL INSURANCE LIKE ME!! Safety Wing Travel Insurance for Nomads: 🤍 ——FOLLOW ME/GET IN TOUCH—— Questions? Shoot me an email at danie🤍 Follow me on INSTAGRAM here: 🤍 FOLLOW MY TIKTOK YAS GIRL!: 🤍 ——GROW FAST—— YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION PLUG-IN TO GROW QUICKLY: Tubebuddy: 🤍 USE THE CODE DaniesBUDDY to get 20% off! I use Canva to make all my thumbnails & marketing materials. You can use it too FOR FREE! Click here: 🤍 ——HOW I MAKE MY VIDEOS—— VLOG CAMERA: 🤍 (10/10 would recommend) VIDEO CAMERA: 🤍 (I use this for talking head videos) WEBCAM: The one I used at the start of my channel: 🤍 The latest version: 🤍 (I would say this one is probably the best deal, and it is the highest quality) MICROPHONE: The one I used is sold out…but is so good if you can get it used even: 🤍 This is by the same company, is cheaper, and has really good reviews: 🤍 STORAGE for Videos: This SD card is the bomb. I am obsessed. It has 13,000 5-star reviews, and I travel with it: 🤍 ——HOW I BUILT MY WEBSITE/BLOG—— WHAT I USED to start my WordPress Blog (🤍 WORDPRESS.ORG BLUEHOST: 🤍 ELEMENTOR: 🤍 FREE ELEMENTOR THEME: Astra (but I recommend Kadence! If i’d have known about Kadence, I would have used it instead of Astra) (I receive a small commission on some of the links provided. It is no extra cost to you and helps support my adventures! :D) This video was all about Why I'm Leaving Bali in 2022 | My Last Day as a Digital Nomad in Bali Vlog [BEWARE of this]

Senior Nomads In Costa Rica 2013 2014


A pictorial of my wife Louise Ingram enjoying her new life in Costa Rica.

#16 Van Tour: Solo senior woman full time nomad. New van tour of her no build minivan camper.


After 7 months of living full time in my minivan this is an update on the changes I've made. I'll show you how I take everything but the furniture out (yes I have miniature furniture:) to purge, clean and organize at a beautiful campground. Music curtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🤍 "Baptized and Burried" by Will Harrison. 🤍 #vanlife, #vanliving, #minivancamper, #minivanlife

Solo Black Female Seeks Adventure As Nomad At 61 / Full time Van Life


#solofemalevanlife, ##soloblackfemalevanlife, #vanlife, Who says there has to he an age limit on living a life of adventure and exploration. Certainly not this 61 year old solo female.nomad who began fulltime van life in her 60's. This active senior clearly plans to have many more fulfilling experiences traveling the country meeting other like minded folks and has no plans to stop anytime soon. Im fact, she build.out her very own tiny home on wheels to travel in. Come meet this dynamic lady and hear her story in Part 1 and stay tuned for the tour of her DIY van build in upcoming Part 2

Is the nomadic lifestyle good for solo senior citizen women


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Chiang Mai is one of the best cities for digital nomads in Thailand... and the world! In this travel vlog I share some of my favorite spots for working online, eating delicious Thai food, and hearing some live music. And since Chiang Mai is a city with over 300 temples, I had to make sure I saw some of the beautiful temples in town too! Whether you're working remotely in Thailand, planning on moving to Thailand, or you just want to explore what Northern Thailand has to offer, you don't want to miss Chiang Mai! © Claire Hawkins 2022 #chiangmai #chiangmaithailand #thailandtravel The music in this video is my song 'Une Partie.' You can listen to the full song and check out more of my original music here: 🤍 🤍​​ 🤍 🤍 🤍

I Live Better In Tbilisi Than I Did In The US - Here’s How Much It Costs | Relocated


Mike Swigunski is a 33-year-old nomadic entrepreneur who moved to Tbilisi, Georgia from the U.S. He is able to take advantage of tax benefits from living abroad and a low cost of living that allows him to work as little or as often as he likes, and he still manages to make $275,000 a year. As a result he has traveled to 100 countries, can afford a two-story apartment, and has a private chef come six times a week to cook for him. Subscribe to CNBC Make It.: 🤍 About CNBC Make It.: CNBC Make It. is a new section of CNBC dedicated to making you smarter about managing your business, career, and money. Connect with CNBC Make It. Online Get the latest updates: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Facebook: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Twitter: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Instagram: 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCMakeIt #Relocated I Live Better In Tbilisi Than I Did In The US - Here’s How Much It Costs | Relocated

VAN LIFE: Adventurous 72 yr old solo female Becomes Nomad. Is that Too Late?


#vanlife, # solofemale#vanlife, #gloriouslifeonwheels Is is ever too late to start van life? Not for this solo female nomad who just moved into her van at 72 and is having the time of her life. If this fiesty lady doesn't inspire you I don't know what will. Despite major health challenges Sheryl asked the question, "If you don't live your life now when will you". Now that is really food for thought. Do check out Sheryl's story and be encouraged that it is not too late to pursue your dreams., whether van life or something else.

82 Year Old Nomad Living in a BelAir Truck SHELL!


Today we meet a most amazing 82 year old man living as a full-time nomad! Gene is currently living in his Bel-Air camper which is carried on his 2003 Silverado half ton. Gene was a long-haul truck driver for many years. After his wife's death he found he had a mountain of debt and was also losing his home. He slowly bought everything he needed ONE ITEM AT A TIME as he planned for his life on the road. Gene's shows us that You can do this too! You can get on the road AT ANY AGE AND while facing any CIRCUMSTANCES! If Gene could do it - SO CAN YOU! Gene says: "Go and try one night and see what happens! Just do it!" CONTACT INFO FOR GENE: genemathers9🤍 P.O.Box 548 Pioneer Ca 995666 AMAZON LINKS - Coleman Single Burner Propane Stove 🤍 - Alpicool 12 Volt Refrigerator 🤍 - Portable Power Stations 🤍 - Portable Solar Panels 🤍 _ Visit My Website at: 🤍 Essential Items for Nomads: 🤍 Visit My Amazon Store: 🤍 (As an Amazon Associate CheapRVLiving earns from qualifying purchases) Join My Online Complete Class for Nomads- 6 Hours of Instruction: The Ultimate Crash Course to Living on the Road 🤍 🤍 Join My Patreon for Access to Exclusive Content: 🤍 Follow Me on Instagram: 🤍CheapRVLiving 🤍 Follow me on TikTok 🤍CheapRVLiving 🤍 Follow Me on Facebook: 🤍 🤍 Follow Me on Twitter 🤍 CheapRVLiving Merch: 🤍 _ Hi everyone, this is Bob Wells, be sure to visit my Amazon Influencer Store, where I have posted some of my useful and recommend products for nomadic living. Visit My Amazon Store Here: 🤍 Solar Generators 🤍 Essential Items for Nomads: 🤍 Emergency and Recovery Gear 🤍 12V Batteries 🤍 12V Fridges 🤍 (Note: CheapRVliving receives a small commission when you buy gear via these amazon affiliate links. Commission supports the channel)

#3 Seven Van Tours at the Senior Women Van Lovers 3-day meet-up event.


Twenty-three women met for the first time and a 3-day campout in Florida's Ocala National Forrest. It was a fun and heart-warming event for everyone. We toured 7 vans to show how easy it can be to set up a camper and hit the road either part-time experimenting or full-time traveler. All of us left with 22 new friends.

I Live Better In Thailand Than I Did In The U.S. - Here's How Much It Costs | Relocated


Jesse Schoberg, 41, relocated to Bangkok, Thailand at the beginning of 2022. He has been living and working abroad since 2008. He currently makes about $230,000 a year as the co-founder and CEO of a blogging software company. Subscribe to CNBC Make It.: 🤍 About CNBC Make It.: CNBC Make It. is a new section of CNBC dedicated to making you smarter about managing your business, career, and money. Connect with CNBC Make It. Online Get the latest updates: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Facebook: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Twitter: 🤍 Find CNBC Make It. on Instagram: 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCMakeIt #Relocated I Live Better In Thailand Than I Did In The U.S. - Here's How Much It Costs | Relocated

Life / Channel Changes | Conversation with Senior Nomad Woman @BoxVanDee


#vanlifevoyages #natureisthebestmedicine #embracechange In this episode, Box Van Dee & I, discuss how things have changed with our channels in the last 2 years. Do we have any regrets? Or do we just embrace change? FREE WAYS TO SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL... ⭐SUBSCRIBE ⭐LIKE ⭐SHARE ⭐WATCH MORE VIDEOS OTHER WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL... 🌟 PAYPAL... 🤍 🌟 BECOME PART OF OUR TRIBE/ CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP... 🤍 🌟 DONATE TO OUR CHARITABLE FOUNDATION the Just Roll With It Mobility Foundation... 🤍 * A 501c3 Charitable Organization Derec founded in 2021. Goal is to provide mobility equipment through yearly grants to be with physical challenges so they too can reap the benefits of being in nature.. ⭐ AMAZON STOREFRONT purchases through our link: 🤍 *As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases without any additional cost to you on anything you purchase (does not have to be an item in our store but anything you put in your cart and buy within 24 hours). 🌟 Join HARVEST HOSTS... 15% discount for membership. 🤍 Use my referral link and you get a 15% discount! We get $15 and will pay it forward by using it to buy a host's product during our stay. It is a WIN WIN! 🌟SEND US STUFF (if you want}. We will do an unboxing short video. *Email us for mailing address Email Address: vanlifevoyages🤍 About us: We are Derec & Tanya. Welcome to our channel! We believe nature is the best medicine. We love the outdoors & have found healing in nature. So whether we are traveling around in our tiny home on wheels, named Betty White, or at our base camp, Chalet Chumley, we like to focus on outdoor living & the benefits it can bring to your life! We also share disability related content because, after all, it is a part of our everyday lives & the challenges we face as an interabled, disabled couple. You may also find Tanya doing solo van trips, or easy van meals...or Derec out having fun in his 4x4 wheelchair or grilling it up in his wheelchair friendly outdoor kitchen. So we hope you will roll along with us! Haha get it... ROLL as is...on wheels (with both the wheels on the van or the wheelchair). We also are pretty funny! Just watch a live stream & you will see 🤍 🤍 Music Credit: Nothing Can Take You Down by Pete Stewart license issued through Soundstripe (for intro part of video) Van: 2015 Ram Promaster 2500 high top with 159 inch wheelbase Filmed using Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone OR GoPro 10 OR livestreaming from our laptop Video edited using Wondershare Filmora software

The REAL REASON older women in Australia are choosing #VanLife - BBC


Subscribe and 🔔 to the BBC 👉 🤍 Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 🤍 Miriam discovers fellow Australians who believe in an Australian Dream that’s built on freedom without a mortgage. But Miriam’s disturbed to discover that there is a growing number of women in Australia who can’t afford a home in retirement – and who now make up the fastest growing number of homeless in the country. Miriam Margolyes - Almost Australian | Episode 1 | BBC #BBC #BBCMiriamMargolyesAlmostAustralian #BBCiPlayer All our TV channels and S4C are available to watch live through BBC iPlayer, although some programmes may not be available to stream online due to rights. If you would like to read more on what types of programmes are available to watch live, check the 'Are all programmes that are broadcast available on BBC iPlayer?' FAQ 👉 🤍

Best Places to Live in Portugal for Expats and Digital Nomads


Portugal is one of the best places to live in the world for expats and digital nomads, but which city should you choose? Find out in this video about the Top 10 Best Places to Live in Portugal. Sponsored by Wise (formerly TransferWise) - Get your first transfer up to £500 FREE: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Introduction to the Best Places in Portugal 00:35 Wise - Manage your money internationally 01:34 #10 - Coimbra 02:25 #9 - Setúbal 03:08 #8 - Braga 03:55 #7 - Nazaré 04:54 #6 - Ponta Delgada (Azores) 06:01 #5 - Algarve (Faro, Albufeira, Portimão) 07:31 #4 - Porto 07:59 #3 - Madeira Islands 09:35 #2 - Lisbon Neighborhoods (Principe Real, Alfama, Alcantara, Belem) 11:42 - Cascais 11:50 - Sintra 12:51 - Almada 13:01 #1 - Ericeira More cost of living abroad videos for expats and digital nomads (playlist): 🤍 Also: * Cost of Living in Lisbon Portugal: 🤍 * The Most Underrated Country I've Ever Been To (Portugal): 🤍 * The Best Things About Living Abroad: 🤍 * What I Dislike About Living Abroad: 🤍 🎧 Subscribe to my weekly travel podcast: 🤍 ❤️ Subscribe to this YouTube channel: 🤍 ✈️ Subscribe to my travel newsletter: 🤍 Research Sources: * Digital Nomad Village Portugal: 🤍 * Expat Insider Best Cities for Expats: 🤍 * NomadX Portugal Housing: 🤍 * Nomad List Portugal 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 👱🏻‍♀️ About: Kristin Wilson is a digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and expat relocation consultant who has lived, worked, or traveled in 60 countries over the last 15+ years. In the past decade, she has helped 1,000's of people move abroad or travel full-time while working remotely. Kristin is also a writer, public speaker, podcaster, and TV host who has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV's House Hunters International, Huffpost, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Business Insider, ESPN, and more. WORK WITH ME! 📞 Moving abroad? Apply for a free relocation planning strategy call with me: 🤍 💡 Inquire about partnership and collaboration opportunities at: 🤍 🗺 Get help traveling or moving abroad: 🤍 ➡️ All other inquiries, email: hello[at] Connect on Social Media: 📸 Follow on Instagram: 🤍 ❤️ Support on Patreon: 🤍 💙 Join my Facebook Group: 🤍 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• NOTE: This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not individual consulting or advice. Global travel restrictions and advisories change frequently. Please consult the relevant authorities such as your local government, airline, embassy, consulate, and/or tourism providers before booking international travel, moving abroad, or applying for a work permit or work and travel visa. #bestplacestoliveinportugal #livinginportugal #portugal

Antalya Turkey The Cost of a Healthy Lifestyle (Expat, Nomad, Retiree) Turkiye 2022 Quality of Life


In today's video we shop for clothes, visit multiple restaurants, join a Gym, get a hair cut, and visit a pharmacist in Antalya Turkey. We show you where to shop to find the deals and prices to expect when visiting this beautiful city. The city of Antalya is a bustling beach city of 2,500,000, which is a popular tourist destination, as well as a year round favorite Expat location. The average US Retiree on Social Security receives $1,550 a month, and a couple on Social Security receives over $2,500 a month. A US Expat living on Social Security can expect a great cost of living in Turkey when compared to the living costs in the US. Currently Turkey is a tremendous value for Expats with income from abroad, the exchange rate when this vide was made was 13.6 Turkish Lira to the US Dollar. International Medical Plans for Expats, Nomads, Students, Missionaries, Groups and Employers. Warren will make a commission if you use this link for International Medical Plans with IMGlobal: 🤍 If you wish to contact us email: warrenjulietravel🤍 Instagram: warren_julie_travel Join our Facebook Group at: 🤍 Do you want to live abroad as an Expat? Are you looking for affordable and viable options? We are exploring the world to see what it's like to live in a country, and also discover if Residency is an option. We began our retirement in March of 2020 with the intent to travel the world, spending 1-3 months in a country or location. We want to see what it's like to live there and not simply visit, and we want to share these experiences and the costs with whoever wishes to follow along. We will make a commission on these links, your rates are not impacted. If you are interested in our travel luggage here is the suitcase we call Big Blue: 🤍 Here is our Grey suitcase: 🤍 Here is the Selfie Stick used by Warren: 🤍 Dog backpack: 🤍 If you wish to contact us email: warrenjulietravel🤍 Join our Facebook Group at: 🤍 Instagram: warren_julie_travel #Antalyal2022 #Turkey2022 #Travel2022 Music: Antalya Background Noise.

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